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Each Attachment size should not exceed 5. We installed latest Sentinel driver 7. After using those method,,is there any side effect to the dongle?? Check with lmgrd log file or try lmreread” error message. Click on Join Now to Sign Up. Thank you very much for writing these instructions.

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I tried to clone a usb HASP HL dongle, everything went ok but the application that requires the dongle hhasp not work, saying “no security key detected”. Enter data in the following format:.

Son Nguyen’s blog: How to install HASP MultiKey USB Dongle Emulator on Windows 7 64 bit

I got same problem as yours. USB Key 0 And trying to read it Windows 8 Type in cmd from your tile screen.

By analyzing the massive data associated with the keyword Hasp Emulator, it offers accurate Hasp Emulator-related Sentinel Hasp: Hi, does this method work even with a parallel port Sentinel SuperPro?


And I got stucked at point 3.

I lost our company dongle and I will pay for that We have 1 remaining dongle, i’m planning to clone that so i can suggest to my boss to use 2.17 clone: I noticed that his PC was installed Windows 1d 64 bit Professional.

Download hasp driver for inpage Hasp drivers download for windows 10,7, vista, xp. I appreciate any help for that Best regards, Zuben zeg hotmail. Hello, currently we use a network license dongle HASP, red installed on a Windows R2 server to license an accounting software 1c Enterprise and it works fine. If anyone successfully crack this software then please give me the crack link.

With the Sentinel Plugged works properly,without it doesn’t. I need the machine ID to change to Note that the broadcast uses a random UDP port.

USB physical port mapping

At least, this other worked. I have a hasp4 dongle. Create a new folder in the root of C: Thank you for your work. This document assumes the HASP driver is already installed.


Sentinel Hasp Key and Safenet Inc. Son Nguyen I’m Ranjith i have follow your instructions to make the emulator.

Move this topic Cancel. Install MultiKey as usual You also need to 22.17 dseo13b. Please sacrifice your world. If you don’t want to reboot you can terminate explorer. For more information see Sentinel Admin Control Center help: When selected, enables this machine to search for remote Sentinel License Managers on the local network.

Thanks for your help in these cases where whichone think are alone. The following is a keyword list associated with Hasp Dongle Clone.

Posted by Son Nguyen at 4: Sorry for the long description or my bad English. Do you have any idea how to resolve this issue?