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Mon Jan 26, 4: Manually adjust each of the sliders, apply, and test with your game until you achieve the brightness you want. I just rarely ever boot up 9x boxes, and was thinking it would be nice to consolidate everything into the single XP system. Cooling – unless running V2 in Pentium MMX or something like that, I strongly suggest to use some cooling fan pointing towards the cards. If you’re worried about temperature, there is an easy solution.

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Creative 3D Blaster V2. Click Image to Return. The available options for Direct3D voodpo2 Glide are located in their respective box.

Find an available PCI slot and remove the bracket and screw. Default refresh frequency for all supported screen resolutions is 60Hz.

So it seemed like it may be a more reasonable idea to consolidate everything together, and just have Glide support as another option on that one box. Cyberpunk – First Gameplay Mon Jan 3dfs, 4: I haven’t had a 3Dfx card in a very long time, and I have no idea if they work, but I suppose it’s worth a shot, yes?


Kerio Control Firewall 9. Crucial introduce il drive SSD da 2.

Voodoo 2 Drivers for XP?

Otherwise, you are ready to install Voodoo2 software. Or you can use this. Lat est Glide update, in cl.

To 3dfx, gone but never forgotten. I seriously doubt you’ll get it to work. Other info in readme.

Tue Jan 27, 4: All Intel chipsets up to P35 included are fine, I haven’t tried more recent ones. Goodoo2 2 Drivers May 19, You can read about this driver and post your results in this topic at 3dfxzone forums. Once you are certain Voodoo2 is installed properly in its slot, secure it with a screw. Athlon compatible Voodoo2 Driver based on V3.

Voodoo2 Drivers

Connect one of the Voodoo2 cards to your graphics card and to your. When installing any such Driver, make sure your System is backed up properly!

Creative library to get x or above resolutions in some games with one Voodoo2. What do you mean by “fails”?


Please note that overclock is potentially dangerous for your card: One way to describe the advantage is voodo2o the CPU and 3D card are not as tightly linked with triple buffering which can lead to some performance gains due to work done in parallel.

Secure your computer cover and reattach any cables. Normal Download untested, for testing purposes only or old version Highlighted Color: But at a slight performance hit. TechSpot Account Sign up for freeit takes 30 seconds.

That will keep the V2 a bit cooler. When 3dfx Voodoo2 and Voodoo2 OC tabs are displayed are visible, you will see several slider controls and buttons. Complete, original Package for the iMac Voodoo2 includes: