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I really appreciate all the feedback I can receive. Message 8 of Once you do that then the instrument should do the rest and the example should be more useful. I will give it a try. A small update on the setup definition I use:

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If you have the C, use that driver rather than the X driver.

I have a very old VI with a very old driver labvjew you can obviously not choose an SMU or supply any source but can only read. To load the dll you must include the file hpb.

Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies 4156B

This is providing the source voltages and also measuring through the SMUs perfectly. Source is included so that the driver can be modified if desired.

Message 7 of First, there is no soft front panel, as the instrument can be controlled from its hardware front panel. The driver uses Pascal calling conventions.

HP Labview Code – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

I will at least try that, I tried working with two other drivers as well and somehow sampling is way harder than sweeping. It’s alright, I now have a code that works perfectly! Will keep you updated if it works.


This readme file contains additional information concerning the driver. Do you have any experience with this? A higher level of support from Agilent Technologies for the compiled driver 3.

Agilent | Agilent xB/C Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers VXIplug&play Instrument Driver Read Me

Message 2 of 6. This is on the B, right? I will keep you posted with the outcome. The default error message for error 6 indicates an abort in the GPIB communication. After labviw a bit more the process do you still think there might be a connection drop out between the GPIB interface and HP? Transportability across different computer platforms 2. Most Active Software Boards: Sorry, I’ve been on vacation. Message 5 of For Windows NT, change references from win95 to winnt. I would like to know if there is any Lwbview available for 2 terminal devices in this case on wafer diodes so that I can control directly the equipment from LabView and be able to read out the measured data directly from the HP via LabView?


Here should be what you are looking for. But if you attach code I can test on a I think there should be somewhere albview the block diagrams of the HP B Example. Sampling on HP Hello, it’s me again with my very old and labvisw semiconductor analyzer.

After this I can see the cursor on the bottom of the I V graph on the monitor of the sliding from left to right when settinp a Sweep of Voltage of SMU1 from 0 to 1 V, pts. It includes a Visual Basic include file.

Message 1 of 6. Message 5 of 6. Hey again, This is providing the source voltages and also measuring through the SMUs perfectly. Thanks for oabview feedback.