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I originally set u with SE a transfered drive. I’d start with clean install, just to make sure Hdw problems don’t exist. Not crazy, just a whole lot different when it comes to how the cor hardware is configured I’ve seen from time to time utilities that will reset your registr for all the hardware just prior to a reinstall. Also it would be using the shielding of the cas cable. Answered on Nov 29,

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The sheathing had many tin perforations that 77njl6 like a small dog had been chewing on it Suspect it was shorting MOBO solder joint pins to ground. On that i have a 1gb ram which i can use and also gb drive and 40gb drive.

Sound card on a Chaintech 7NJL6

Posted on Mar 01, Be the first to answer. Answered on May 26, Even for free, I wouldn’t take it. So besides signalling with dc for overcurrent, it should als be acting as an ac ground, noise.

Answered on Nov 17, The cpu platform may not auxio close contact between the heat sink and the cpu. Please post some opinions about this and if there are any comparable deals Thanks in Advance http: I use dual channel with Kingston 2xMB memory. Are you a Chaintech Computer and Internet Expert? Get fast answers from reviewers. Is this any good?


Thank you very much! This cable helps make a much easier cable routing and offers better airflow in the computer when compared to the earlier ribbon cables used with ATA drives. Zilla, Sep 4, S1 I assume you are referring to whether STR is enabled.

By Howard Cabral on March 2, It requires something chaintech 7njl6 constantly refresh the memory in that sleep state, anyway. Adio that, you can post your question and our members will help you out. One thing at a time i guess. You are about to purchase Microsoft Office University Edition. It did some disk checking o course and at somepoint asked to see the 98 disk again fo authorization verification.

Sound card on a Chaintech 7NJL6

Speaking of security, MS should be forced by homeland security to release patches for all OS that will enable the high 7bjl6 features only available in xp for wireless. I’ve drifted, I’ve complained.

I know some of the issues were mine, suc as accidentally letting the case firewire cable flop under the MOB before tightening into place.

Refer to your manual, Page 15 to verify the JP3 jumper setting.

And too now we are at a point that they are practically forcing IE6 on you for security reasons, which will break your system, which will force you to buy xp. Answered on Mar 06, I might even try the grease on these pins later Lots of people seem to love this silver heat sink compound, but I’d b leary as it is conductive and a tiny amount spread to the wrong plac sounds like disaster.


Something about thei multimedia center software and Winamp maybe fighting over who ha control of file extensions. And BTW, rumor has it that the reasons xp runs so fing slow is not only because of the extra bloat code they stuck 7nl6 it, they were prepping for being able to sell you their latest wonder product, XP 64 bit.

7njl6 Front Panel Connections | Motherboard Forums

Answered on Jul 09, I seriously 7nml6 this will work with this MOBO an believe it will require much more drastic steps. You’ll need to choose a username for the site, which only take a couple of moments here. I also have 98 on this HDD and when i boot up to 98 i get no problems with it booting except the fact that the CPU is still not running at its proper speed but at mhz.