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In normal use, you’ll generally see something like three months of life out of a set of AAA alkalines in a cordless mouse, and twice that or more from a couple of AAs in a keyboard. Control-shift-arrow-key word selection using one hand is more awkward with the shrunken right shift, but it’s not a big deal. Maybe one month, for more serious use. They’ll work fine with the standard Windows mouse drivers. I know which of the pair I’d rather have in my hands if the situation called for an improvised weapon, and it’s not the cute little silver thing. So it’s not as if you’re changing batteries daily.

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The overall layout of this keyboard is quite conventional, but the shape of the keys isn’t.

They haven’t come up with a rechargeable keyboard yet, and most of their cordless gear isn’t rechargeable. The problem with many cheap Taiwanese mouses is that their ergonomics suggest that they were designed for the moist, suction-cupped tentacle-hands of Lovecraftian batrachian abominations.

: Customer reviews: Generic – Generic Great Eye Optical Ps/2 Mous – MO-A4-SWOP35

In keeping with the bonsai theme, the CD is a 77mm “cd single”, which’ll work in pretty much all CD-ROM drives, but not some slot-load ones. Using them My usual mouse of choice is a Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer. You can cram this mouse and its cable into the ” Zippo ” pocket in a pair of jeans. But it’s likely to suit most people just fine.

Both mouses come with software that lets you configure the buttons to do different things, but you needn’t install it. I wandered away from the grwateye for more than an hour. Or maybe you just hate cables. What’s the use of a mouse this small, assuming you’re not a very small person indeed, for whom even the MOP is too hefty?


Customer reviews

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. The keyboard’s two AA alkaline batteries which are included go in opyical usual little bay on the underside. Practically, there’s not much reason to be worried about a mouse with a forest of discrete components inside, greateyd of a smaller number of fancier parts.

There’s another port at the other end of the back of the keyboard, opposite the one shown in this picture, which is a pretty good layout for a gadget this small. The opto-mechanical sensor assembly takes up more real estate than its optical cousin, but it needs fewer transistors to make it work.

A4 Tech KBS-835RP wireless mouse and keyboard, and RFW-33 wireless mouse

For a mouse ball to work properly, it needs to be fairly weighty – which is why all decent mouse balls are made of metal with a rubber coating – and it also needs to be big enough to ride over discontinuities in the surface it’s being used on, and handle dirt on its rollers. That rises to a little more than 4mA when you’re pressing buttons on the keyboard; when you stop, it falls to zero, then creeps back up over a few seconds to 0.

This mouse is not a strange awkward shape, it’ll work with a variety of computers, and it’s not so small that nobody can hold it comfortably. For fancier tasks like selecting icons with Control held down to add them to the existing selectionit’s really bad – when a key’s held down, the mouse is constantly erratic. There’s nothing else like it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OPTICAL MOUSE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

If you just plug the GreatEYE mouse in and start using it, it behaves as a normal three-button wheelie-mouse. If you don’t need wirelessness then there’s no point paying the premium; if you do, check this little sucker out. Sample rate doesn’t affect how far the mouse pointer moves for a given amount of physical mouse movement at a given mouse speed setting. But I also know which one I’d rather be forced to carry around in a backpack, and it’s not the one that’s built around a big steel slab.


Click the picture at the right for a horizontal, pixel-wide version.

There’s another little cityscape of components around the sensor assembly on the bottom board. The more buttons these funny z4 mouses have, the worse they’re likely to be. It’s not something you’re going to want to press in the middle of a game, or if your computer isn’t actually able to wake up from standby mode properly, but it’s unlikely to be a serious problem.

Overall If you’re looking for a small and lightweight mouse with standard functions to shove into your laptop bag with the rest of your optidal, or if you’re a system administrator type who wants a mouse that can fit in your pocket without making you feel as if you’re carrying a pair of bedsocks around, then you might like the MOP So I still wouldn’t want to use it for twitch games, even when its ball and rollers were new and clean and pristine.

The little Ortek keyboards have more specialised appeal.

It also has pleasingly snappy response. It needs less power than the KBSRP mouse, though, because it’s not running high power DSP gear and an illuminator LED; this also means oprical it doesn’t need a button press to wake it up after a couple of minutes. They’re not the smooth-turning no-detent wheels that some Taiwanese mouses have, including the earlier, cordless, A4 product I review here.