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Once your fingerprint has been registered, everything is ready for your fingerprint authentification. You can now check that you can browse your filesystem directories much faster during heavy file transfers. They work with the bioapi 1. As your sensor has been tested and is fully working, you can now install the daemon that will be in charge of the fingerprint authentification process. Thanks to the Fprint project , your fingerprint sensor can be fully supported under Ubuntu. Partners Support Community Ubuntu. It then fetches those binaries and their dependencies into memory for faster startup times.

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See the Fedora’s wiki. Ubuntu Installation is very simple on this laptop, as it integrates some very standard components.

FingerForce – Debian Wiki

In addition, it allows you to tweak a number of other lknux settings using a simple configuration file. Since the finger print is normally “stored” all over the keyboard. Your fingerprint authentification will then replace your password for login or su.

This article is published “as is”, without any warranty that it will work for your specific need. But, you may get into trouble when using WPA2 encrypted networks. Dirty pages are the pages in memory that have been updated but still not written to disk.


Biometrical Authentication in Debian

As the enrollment process has been done for your account, your authentification process is now done using:. Zes2501 allows you to extend the battery life of your laptop. If I can help somehow, for example testing sth.

With the slow hard disk and a good amount of RAM found on modern laptops, zRAM linkx giving a real boost effect as soon as your system starts to need swapping. This problem comes from the You can easily check your head parking counter with smartctl tool. Read more at http: The number in red is your head parking counter.

I contacted them too, after I read this page and because I will buy a Lenovo N soon. This article will explain how to configure Ubuntu Precise To reflect the boot parameters modifications explained previously, you need to set them as the default battery mode parameters. You may have to install it as it is not installed by default. That means that your hard disk may park its heads as soon as it detects 2 seconds without disk activity. A typical side effect of this setting aes25501 seen during big file transfers: Under Gnome, Jupiter applet allows some important power saving actions:.


linhx Reducing this value may improve overall performance for a typical Ubuntu desktop or laptop installation. After short tests, I decided to set vm. Summary Users should aaes2501 able to use Fingerprint readers for authenticating themselves, using the BioAPI framework, for example for login or sudo.

Debian effort to provide fingerprint support: Passwords are stored in your head – ae2501 finger print is stored on every surface you touched USB auto-suspend is enabled by default. This is how I’d like to proceed for this: Gerard Klaver is working on a driver for Authentec fingerprint readers, see his page. We can tune this parameters in a way that you will get less ‘freeze’ feeling while exploring your filesystem when a file transfer is already running. Full support of Linux will be addressed in a future release.

It will also help you to tweak your HP p for better overall performances and battery power management. Thanks to the Fprint projectyour fingerprint sensor can be fully supported under Ubuntu.