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Spam filter at least in version 4. This points to a local maildir folder. Shai, you raise a couple a good points. Let me abuse of your patience: Do not worry, this high memory usage is only for initial import.

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Extracting Data from Akonadi (Kontact)

If you have multiple Local Folders set up, on the Advanced tab, choose the destination folder where the newly downloaded mails are put. When I tried the ‘Copy’ folder on larger folders, KMail crashed everytime with an error message. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

I have looked at akonadi server, akonadi console, the KDE forums, Ubuntu forums, and other MySQL tools, but am anuable at present to find any documentation on how to synchronise KMail folders with akonadi database. This will enable using SQLite as a backend and serving multiple clients.

Check also that your Favorite Folders are the ones you have chosen before. After that, synchronizing database access in order to serialize it is quite hard; add to it being not necessary for anything but SQLite, and the decision to just drop SQLite is a no-brainer. Akonadi places the database databasw its data dir. Clean start after a failed migration. The email data was a good as it was going to get, and I was not prepared to have to repeatedly restart the akonadi server many times each day.


Your email address will not be published. To handle all of them without unacceptable latency on user requests, they used multithreading or multiprocessing. This points to vatabase local maildir folder. You can either modify this to point to your existing maildir folders or you can add a new resource for local mails. Add the POP3 accounts as well.

It reads binary files from stdin and outputs iCalendar data that is embedded in it. Sometimes sqlite will open them xatabase. Being stuck with the InnoDB tables, I tried the following solutions without much success:. Learn how your comment data is processed. I spent many hours trying to figure out another solution, searching and grepping, but at the end I gave your approach a try and it worked really well. For Local folders disable interval checking and also disable Include in manual mail check in the Retrieval options.

[kubuntu] Synchronise KMail folders with Akonadi database

What is stored in the file system is less than what is showing in KMail. What else can you ask for?


Now it is time to add your account back. Found a Perl script to convert KMail folders to Claws email. One that is stable.

So being upset about Akonadi I did some greping and found strings from my contacts and todo lists in the following files:. Sorry to spam you that code did not show up correctly: Been using Claws for a few days now; very impressed with it. Unless you have a mixed folder containing both maildir folders and mbox files, you should choose Maildir.

Spam filter at least in version 4. When I came across your post, I felt there must be a more natural way to extract the calendar data.

The time now is However, I still cannot see the data. So being upset about Akonadi I did some greping and found strings from my contacts and todo lists in the following files: Notify me of follow-up comments by email.