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Ampetronic induction loop amplifiers come with a sign in the box. Normal speech dynamics are retained to maximise expression, while the total dynamic range is automatically adjusted to a level suitable for hearing-aid users. Handbook and installation instructions. Loop drivers and other accessories can be fitted up to the total width. Ampetronic induction loop amplifiers.

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ILD Loop Driver This model is designed to cover loop areas from very small loops up to square areas of square metres, or rectangular areas of over square metres.

The Ampetronic MLD range of multi-loop induction-loop amplifiers have been ‘optimised for speech frequencies’ and designed to suit spaces such as conference facilities, stadia and…. Our products are designed and built to the highest standards to provide complete peace of mind and the lowest cost of ownership of any assistive listening technology.

Hearing loop system overview – Ampetronic

When hearing aid users experience the quality and performance of an Ampetronic system, the difference in sound quality can change their lives.

These induction-loop drivers are packaged in rugged steel cases, for use in lifts or elevators and similar steel rooms, and other harsh environments. Ampetronic will also check your installation drawings for free — send your designs to support ampetronic. Ampetronic and The Listening Lab improve accessibility to sound for those who experience hearing loss. Rack mounting, with optional accessory brackets or freestanding. The systems can also be used by people with no hearing aid, by using separate loop receivers, such as the Ampetronic ILR3for those with partial hearing impairment, or in visitor guidance applications and teaching in noisy environments.

Also see Ampetronic Adapters and Pre-amplifiers. Tie-clip style electret microphone with 3 metre lead. A hearing loop system transmits an audio signal directly into a hearing aid via a magnetic field, greatly reducing background noise. Ampetronic induction loop amplifiers come with a sign in the box.


All Ampetronic solutions are developed to provide a genuine benefit to those who experience hearing loss. The sound may be a voice, in which case a microphone ampetrojic required, or an audio signal such as a TV or mixing desk which can be captured using a line indyction. Signage and notification An essential part of any induction loop system is adequate signage. Microphones Adaptors Pre Amps 2.

Wall Mounting Brackets The brackets attach to the base of the units, and have key-hole slots to mount the equipment parallel to a vertical service. An induction loop system will only produce a quality and intelligible audio signal if the source sound is captured correctly. Warranty Ampetronic offer a full five-year warranty on all products manufactured by them effective from date of shipment, provided the inxuction has been used exclusively for the intended purpose and has not been modified, altered, used in an inappropriate manner or repaired by a non-authorised person.

Counter loop systems

Ampetronic and The Listening Lab improve accessibility to sound for those who experience hearing loss. Table of approximate metal loss with different array configurations. Repairs found to contravene these conditions may be subject to a further charge plus shipping and handling fees. Suitable for applications from private homes to small churches, including conference rooms, meeting rooms, video conference suites, TV rooms, nursing homes, receptions, waiting….

Ampetronic are world leaders in the design and manufacture of audio induction loop systems, also known as hearing loop systems or T loops, an established technology that helps with hearing loss to increase the clarity of amplified sound in any busy environment by working in conjunction with hearing aids and cochlear implants. You can request a guide at the bottom of this page.

Ordered on demand, cancellations may incur liop. Simple induction loop designs are free although complex array systems may be charged for at a nominal rate. Ampetronic can create installation drawings for your induction loop system for you.


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This is a simple, wall-mounting, induction-loop amplifier intended for installation by electrical and audio-visual contractors in applications including community centres, board…. Blanking plates should be ordered to fill gaps.

Loop drivers and other accessories can be fitted up to the total width. Unless a potential user already has their hearing aid set to the telecoil setting, which is highly unlikely, then a loop system is both invisible and inaudible. However you approach the design inducion your system you a,petronic also understand: All Ampetronic drivers come with a 5 year warranty as standard and comprehensive free advice and post sales support from our experienced team of design engineers.

A range of attenuators, electret microphone adapters and microphone pre-amplifiers which, though designed originally for use with Ampetronic induction loop drivers, are useful in….