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If you use memory cards frequently, this may be a problem for you. The included Asus carry bag and optical mouse are nice touches for first time users. I have no experience with tech support at this time obviously due to the short ownership time. There are certainly cheaper options for this specification, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. A similar problem occurs with the optical drive. Log in or Sign up. This is only really noticeable when viewing a very dark or black image however so in everyday use does not pose much of an issue.

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Like many cheaper screens, there is backlight bleed from the base of the panel as can be seen in the shots below. On the right we have another 2xUSB, centrally located. Awus base stays cool, with only the area underneath the hard drive generating any heat at all.

I actually got my MemoryStick stuck in the slot since the cards are literally consumed in the space. No, create an account now.

The Dell had a great battery life for its size and the specification was sufficient for her needs basic office use, internet, messaging, music. The sound, as on almost all laptops, is poor from the speakers and lacks any bass. Viewing angles are standard for a glossy screen, with colours quickly fading in the vertical.

The card reader works fine, however has a poor design. Separate buttons and a more defined touchpad would be an improvement. I have owned and used many laptops and not encountered one as quiet or as wirfless as this one. Coming from my single core processor, being able to run a virus scan and still have a usable system witeless a great improvement.


A flaw I would like to mention is the opening mechanism for the screen, which involves a tiny, recessed switch that requires a aa3f of fiddling to actually open the lid. I’m eyeing this ASUS: I would also like to note that the optical drive is incredibly quiet both when wirelesss and writing a disk.

I am not entirely sure why having wireless off has so little effect:. This is exacerbated by the bevelling on the edge of the lid. This was the best deal I could find, and is one of only a few Asus resellers in the UK. Indeed, the aesthetic side of the qireless was of paramount importance for her, which wirdless me foolishly to recommend the pink Sony Vaio C.

Asus A8F top view view large image.

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Even after a 2 hour Orthos stress-test, the system was cool. She bought this back in summer without consulting me and hence wound up with a system totally unsuitable for her needs. Basic specification is as follows:.

Out of the box boot time was around 55 seconds to the desktop, with another 5 seconds for all tray programs to be loaded. Do you already have an x3f

Asus A8F Notebook Review

It is one of the flush designs with only a slight gap around the perimeter to separate it from the wristrest. A knife was my eventual solution in getting woreless card out though this may because I was using a ProDuo to full-size adaptor. Knowing her penchant for treating technology badly however, the gloss black lid was unlikely to stay perky for long.


Keyboards are a very subjective piece of equipment so it is difficult to comment objectively, but for my money I disliked typing on it. Unfortunately it is very difficult to know which button you are going to press or indeed, if you press any button at all.

There are certainly cheaper options for this specification, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Asus Drivers Download

It is aimed at students and home users on a budget. The system asue purchased for including shipping from http: Through high quality headphones, the integrated audio sounds acceptable with a fairly low noise floor.

On the plus side, the keyboard is very quiet indeed. I found it slightly spongy, if that is the correct terminology. I also uninstalled Symantec and installed AVG for virus scanning.