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Small can use as much power as or more than a physically big drive. You really don’t want to depend on bus power for anything. P but how about this? I should mention that, of course, I will be making backups of the sessions recorded to the thumb drive That way if my system drive goes south I can boot the computer and continue to work or if I goof up the system drive doing something stupid. Originally Posted by kova. Many of the newer USB drives are very fast, but be careful of putting too much faith into a lot of these naive benchmarks that folks run.

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Hey, you try reading a hour book without mistakes!

Have you actually LOST data or just think you have due to the spontaneous drive unmounts? If your remote tracking is indeed light, you should be fine tracking to the system drive.

Like most of us, you probably use far more 3. Today I ran a test using a very old USB 2. Flash drives aren’t for recording, mate.

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What is your fascination with ECC in your first post??

External Drive Issues [Archive] – Avid Pro Audio Community

Do you guys recommend any good thunderbolt drive without the power supply connection? Hopefully they release something much bigger.

Typically they are bad right out the box or fail within the first couple months. Send a private message to mesaone. P but how about this?

AVID NAND Flash USB Device – download driver

Find all posts by Craig F. So try debugging thoes cables. And my sample drives are large enough I have partitions for Carbon Copy Cloner clones of my system drive partitions. Seems like a winner to me, but if someone najd a good reason NOT to do this and opt instead for either a separate internal drive or, perhaps, a usb 3.

You can also just not bother with Thunderbolt for a 7, HDD, you might dveice well use USB3 for the same performance, and the drive is then portable across a lot more systems. Previous topic Next topic. I learned the hard way a couple of years back about not keeping up to date with my backups. Send a private message to Keybeeetsss. Which size drive did you get?

Drivers >>> AVID NAND Flash USB Device driver

I got this one: For any kind of drive use – doesn’t matter sample streaming or PT record to. That way I’m covered if I have to reinstall something and don’t have to do an internet download.


The mods need to have a talk with him I think they may have already but that doesn’t appear to have sunk in. External power xevice make it easy for product designers as they don’t have to cope with the design issue inherent in a multi-voltage input power supply.

Not possible, but would be nice if it could. Anyone see a problem with this? Costs slightly more than a case of my favorite beer, so at the very least I’ll have another backup.

Recording to USB FLASH Sticks? – Avid Pro Audio Community

That’s simply false economy trying to do that. User Name Remember Me? Find all posts by aicragleon Please dlash me know if there is a way to fool the OSX that these are logical volumes to record too. D hahahahaha Glad I am on the right track!!