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I will choose the driver to install” f. If they don’t provide the drivers at all, there isn’t much you can do. If you get a blue screen and the system reboots during these steps, repeat them for the second controller. Great post, and it definitely helped me this week when I was working on recovering a crashed server. Apparently this does not work. It should then boot and install the discs then ask for another reboot.

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BartPE and UBCD4Win Tips and Tricks

They are generally barrpe interchangeable. I finally got this to work by following the instructions in this post: If you are the kind of person who wants total control over devices you own, we share something in common.

Windows then boots properly and detects new devices, asking for another reboot.

Learn how your comment data is processed. You can also subscribe without commenting. June 29, at 6: December 11, at 6: The text in purple in this example will be name of the driver displayed by Windows XP when you try to install the AHCI driver using the instructions in this tutorial Step Useful External Links inc. July 11, at 2: If your PEBuilder directory is C: Unload nouveau and Install Nvidia Driver.


This is usually listed in the motherboard specifications.

TWEAK: AHCI Plugin for BartPE ~ pimp-my-rig reloaded

Tutorials, How To’s and Guides. Several files will be extracted at that folder.

Did you create the partition e. Maybe your BartPE build has them natively?

December 15, at 2: Advanced Format 4K secto August 19, at 4: Post Labels gb 1 acceleration 1 acrobat 1 adblock 1 advanced 1 ahci 1 airdrop 2 aix 14 angry birds 1 article 21 aster 1 audiodg.

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Will see if I can get the Drive Management to work. Boot with your BartPE cd.

Extract this to get the 2 files iaAHCI. Click Ok when it shows a message. Read and Sign my Guest Book.

The batpe way after many hours of internet searching that I found was through trial and error and reinstall of image, however, there is a simpler way I was getting this for win7 loading winPE found that loading from Sata drive and it being reset re-enumerated at startup causing the error. In the folder where you copied that file, double click ahci-driiver it and it will open a command-line prompt asking for confirmation to extract the files.


Click Yes, to restart the computer. March 26, at Great free tool — wish they were actively supporting it.

Select “” based system and you’re good to go. Ignore the warning and click Yes. It has to have SP3.