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You can customize the header logo of the Login screen on the LoginFrame. And a fellow south African. The notes and status change are sent to the server. You may have hit one of the BDE fixed, but configurable, memory limitations. I have tested it our on widows 7 32 and 64 bit, both work beautifully. Parts are records that can be viewed in the Field Service App client.

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Data for the Appointments, Parts, and Technician is all downloaded bdw this tab. You must purchase licenses for local InterBase. Sign up using Email and Password.

Just point to the DB with LocalHost: The offline capabilities are provided by storing the data in IBLite. Once dbe notification is viewed it will no longer be displayed on the Notify tab. Soft commits are never used in explicit transactions started by BDE client applications. Unable to complete network request to host -Failed to locate host machine This error can be generated, because the BDE alias has been setup incorrectly.

Insufficient memory to complete operation You may have hit one of the BDE fixed, but configurable, memory limitations. Appointments have various fields like Appointment date and time, customer title, description, address information, phone number, location, photo, status, and notes.


If you want to make changes to the design time frames be sure to edit the frame itself and not the version of it that is embedded in the MainForm. For this template the default users are technician1 and technician2. Views Page Discussion View source History.

The Appointments are saved as appts. I have tested it our on widows 7 32 and bdw bit, both work beautifully. This reduces the overhead that automatic transaction control incurs.

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This error can be generated, because interbas BDE alias has been setup incorrectly. Describes steps using various BDE tools. When the next time an internet connection is detected it will upload those changes. Romesh 1, 2 18 You can also click on the phone number on a mobile device and it will launch the call functionality of the device.

This is less expensive when using a desktop database because the data is transferred in core memory.


Developer Tools

The template can give you a head start in building your own field service solutions. Please visit our new home community. Profile information also shows up in the TMultiView menu. When using hard commits, the BDE must re-fetch all records in a dataset, even for a single record change. Step by steps connecting to ODBC.

InterBase Data Access Components – Features

The Service History list is a view into the Appointments and only shows Appointments that have been their status set to Complete for this technician for today.

I have found a many different posts and executables, but nothing conclusive. The Field Service App has a local History table where is stores the local changed state of the Appointments. Local notifications are also implemented and when new appointments are received local notifications will be sent to the device.

Technicians can enter notes about an appointment and mark it as complete.