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If you really want to satisfy your curiosity I would suggest the differencing test. And usually, if you dig deep enough, there’s a good explanation. Different people hear imaging differently. I can not get audion out via the USB in a standalone mode i. NwAvGuy November 4, at 8: Most of the criticism seems related to Behringer charging much less for similar products than some of their competitors.

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In a few areas such as speakers spending more gets you better sound. Anonymous June 28, at 3: Would it be any chance to maybe modify an USB wall charger to get the job done?

In the input department of the internal behriner card, this results in a noise spectrum using Audacity of anything up to dB below 10Hz and only falling to about dB at Hz depending on the internal gain settings. A flat impedance curve would mean the output impedance doesn’t really matter i.

How does it compare to the Behringer UCA? These tests behriger take many hours to conduct, and even more hours to write up, edit, find the typos, etc.

Problem with Behringer UCA202

You are the bollocks Comments may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days to be approved. So running a lot of the tests at multiple sample rates isn’t something I really have the free time to do. Hope it is ok with a behribger I wouldn’t have found it without your great blog – thanks again. Until that changes, I think that’s the most useful sampling rate to report on.


Or perhaps I have a faulty unit? This is a fairly typical result that compares well to even much higher-end products.

My Senn’s have 50 ohm output impedance, the same as the UCA, so that shouldn’t be an issue I suppose? I think I will revert the regulators back to 9V ones. Thanks for the input. Hi NwAvGuym, What a great review! I’m aware of all the re-sampling issues, the XP mixer kernel, device settings in Windows 7, etc. There may also be some significant frequency response variations due to the impedance—especially with balanced armature IEMs.

Behringer UCA review and drivers

That should help out the musicians and those who might want to use one of these devices bbehringer measurement purposes. I believe it’s possible to spend a lot less and not hear a difference in blind testing. Zsio May 7, at 8: I would suggest my Impedance Article a work in progress for more information about how headphone impedance interacts with amplifier impedance.

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NwAvGuy: Behringer UCA Review

I’m pondering a laptop based rig without any other batteries, and your review thrashed the uDAC 2 so thorougly, I’m looking at the Behringer UCA instead. That said, I’m also planning to test the Asus Xonar U3 relatively soon.

Some interaction seems to throw the A out of its normal operating range into high distortion mode, relatively speaking – I’d guess at least several percent distortion, maybe more, and its “ratty” nature suggested it might be IM distortion. So their total costs are a fraction of what a specialty audiophile manufacture would pay to make the exact same thing.

Thanks for the review NwAvGuy, I am a bit new to all this so didn’t quite catch the technical part of your review. But it shouldn’t have any obvious flaws besides perhaps some noise benringer you crank the speakers way up.

Sean March 1, at 1: Thanks NwAVGuy for the response. Am I right, or amy I missing something?

The amp will be used to power a set of speakers and headphones when i need. Post 9 of 9.