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All users who own a Bitstream 3X with a firmware older than V1. Besides being a MIDI controller, the unit provides many of the necessary automation and modulation requirements for on-stage use, including an arppeggiator, LFO generator and motion sampler and the ability to automate the release of MIDI notes and events. I am sad that i bought this piece of, er, jenky gear. The Bitstream 3X will display “Initializing Windows Freeware 0 55db Armchair Guitarist v1.

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The build quality is outstanding–it’s not bulky at all, very low profile, but it feels bulletproof.

If winndows is in beta now then I’m glad I haven’t upgraded yet. Using this mode give a full control of the software, the Bitstream 3X is automatically detected and fully programmed to be used with Reason. Search Contact Privacy Policy.

Post Fri Jan 27, I currently own 1 unit and am bitstram buying a second as they seem to be getting hard to find. The purpose of the Xp driver available in the download area is to replace the generic name “USB audio device” to a more friendly “WaveIdea Bitstream 3X”. On the plus side, this means I’m happy in the box and currently unaffected by the need to buy a load of hardware synths.

All the assignments can be made through a nice GUI-based app downloadable from Wnidows — you can knock out anything you need and upload it to the 3X very easily, no headaches. Windows Freeware 1 60db Kergos-1 v1. This could make the 3X a potential prospect if you use Propellerhead’s software, but we’re not convinced that this functionality sufficiently justifies the sub-par construction.


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The variation given by an analogue control can evolve according to the model: You can change these names from the configuration software, from the ‘global parameters’ panel. The lion’s share of the 3X’s top panel is filled with knobs and faders. Different controls are emulated, please see the dedicated application note for further information This emulation can be reached by pressing the “Mode” button until “Mackie control” is displayed on the LCD Please note using the Mackie control mode requires to program the Bitstream 3X with the Mackie control library, this programming is done using the configuration software [5] Do I need to use the external power adapter delivered with the bitstream 3X?

To the left of the display there’s a rotary encoder, while to the right sits a small but workable ribbon controller. This means it uses the native drivers provided by the OS. Yes, a Linux version for both the “firmware upgrader” and configuration software is available in the download area Linux binaries compiled on Fedora core 5 are available, in addition to the Mac and Windows versions [25] What is the LFO automation?

The Bitstream 3X can generate a sync signal from its internal time base or it can be sync from an external incoming signal. Apart from its plastic material it is a very very sophisticated controller.


Post Sun Feb 12, 9: BitStream Pro configuration Software 3. A Module like the JU – – accepts your keyboard, full access to envelopes and Modulation.

WaveIdea ~ Bitstream 3X faqs

Compared to the User mode, the Standard mode is pre-programmed bitstreaam standard MIDI events, only the following parameters can be changed when using the Standard mode: No registered users and 0 guests. I have to be honest and say that although I’ve had a few controllers, I barely use them.

Winxows can find Sync cable here: Installing this “driver” is therefore not mandatory, it is only used to update the name of the generic windows driver [9] What is the purpose of the expansion port? OFF – External source: Yes, Sysexs can be assigned to the controls of the Qindows 3X potentiometers, sliders, ribbon, Software that uses MIDI signals to control synthesizers, sound modules, recording equipment, lighting consoles, and other devices that receive MIDI control signals.

To enable Internal sync from the menus: It’s best in class as far as I’m concerned.

Documentation could be better. A Logic Pro 8 library is available in the download area.