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For some reason many people on these forums seem reluctant to imagine that such things exist! I have to say that I’m not an expert on ignition. What is the coil turns-ratio and output nominal voltage? I use an arduino uno with this code trying to get a spark each second: Come run up front 92 Corrado 1. I will test it to failure before we run it on the bike.

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A better BIP ignition driver? So i am pretty sure even an IGN-1A will be a major improvement.

It was developed by Bosh expressly for this purpose. I hope you didn’t buy the VB’s from a dodgy eBay supplier? The engine currently has 2 spark plugs per cylinder but we may add 2 more.

Bosch BIP Coil Driver Mod Kit – JFE Tech

Google [Bot] and 0 guests. An elektrical motor is just a set of coils. Also I prefer a complete meltdown as apposed to an auto shutdown and re start, that could be bad. They seem to both have allmost the same characteristics. Need help to drive an ignition coil with a VB You can play on a stocker or even “normal” hipo motor. I also removed the resistor R1. As mentioned, they lack the thermal protection but they can handle more current.

Was thinking about stepping the coul up to 25 volts to the coil and with a.


Come run up front 92 Corrado 1. Hi, I am vosch to drive an ignition coil with a VB and I am unable to get a spark out of the spark plug and the VB is getting hot over time.

bosh They are more rugged. Yes there will be a leakage current, its a trilington after all Darlington but more sobut it won’t matter a jot driving an ignition coil of several ohms. Not all of them work with 5V gate drive though Looks like it will handle 5 more amps of current. Don’t put the 12V from the ignition circuit into Vin, its probably going to fry your Arduino.

Bosch BIP373 Coil Driver Mod Kit

It is odd fire. I am open to any Ideas Thanks, Jeff. MS1 HAD Absolutely no issues Apart from incorrect settings that fried the track off the board but never harmed the driver. With a 1k gate resistor, they can be connected directly to the CPU pins. The reason IGBT’s are preferred over MOSFETs for high voltage is that there is less internal feedback from drain collector to gate in an IGBT so the high voltage swings have much less chance of over-voltaging the gate and damaging the gate oxide layer.

It’s clearly made for the application, and as you indicated can handle more current than the BIP With yours being rated at more than double the current I would think I could double up the voltage on a heavy ibp373 coil and actually drive at least 25 amps through it. Some teams actually use the old Dyna 3 ohm coil and a basic trigger and they have set some of the fastest times. I have also seen that Nology sells capacitors to go on to the coils to help jack up the voltage when the field in the coils colapses similar to a points type condensor this I will test too.


We need a long burn time on the spark CDI will not work to light bip73 a cold fuel.

Keep the coil and HT leads well away from the control circuit. I can boscj the same components and board for you but there would not be much, if any, margin in your proposed setup so you’d have to rely on your own tests or get the opinion of someone with a better knowledge on the subject than me.

The only downsides I can see are 1 it doesn’t have built-in thermal protection and 2 being an IGBT you have to deal with gate charge. They can make over hp from 2 cylinders. They put cylinders out then it just stops making power.