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It’s a nifty idea, but easier said than done! The gear shifter feels solid and works well when you’re slamming through tight turns and quick passes. Both are worth having, and would cost you the better part of a hundred bucks if you bought them separately. I used the wheel mostly with Microsoft’s CART Precision Racing , my favourite driving simulation, and discovered that the most realistic feedback was actually during normal driving – if there’s any such thing when you’re screaming around a race track! There’s lots of cord for the upper deck, but the way my desk is set up I found the basement unit’s cord could’ve been a couple of feet longer.

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Ch Products Exl500 Racing Set For Pc Steering Wheel And Pedals

Like the other CH Products we tried, Racing Wheel is solidly built and feels like it will last very produxts. Virtual Pilot Proand the Pro Pedals, double as both flight yoke and steering wheel, so you can fly and drive yourself silly.

That didn’t spoil my enjoyment, however. Just pretend you’ve sprung for an extra three games. How about a desire to “tilt” at windmills? The pedals are also well thought out and are mounted so that when the action gets furious, the base doesn’t jump up and bark your calves, as happens with at least one of the Sidewinder ‘s competitors.

Joystick Incarnate CH Products produce nifty game feel One of the big problems with driving and flying simulations exll500 nothing to do with the games. There are also four buttons to use as you see fit, whether for shifting gears, changing views, or other functions.


When you slam into a wall at mph, the wheel isn’t just going to jerk, it’s going to protrude out of your back. The set is solid and feels as if it’ll be around for a while. Of course, it’s expensive enough that it should be! Well then, you may want to try Microsoft’s new SideWinder “Freestyle Pro” Game Pad, a doohickey that not only offers “virtually” unprecedented freedom of movement, but which helps eliminate calluses from your long suffering fingertips.

Ch Products Exl-500 Racing System Joysticks Driver Download

And an honest to goodness sequential gear shift, the same type they use sxl500 CART racing wait’ll I review that! I used the wheel mostly with Microsoft’s CART Precision Racingmy favourite driving simulation, and discovered that the most realistic feedback was actually during normal driving – if there’s any such thing when you’re screaming around a race track!

The Sidewinder Wheel also has the best clamping lroducts I’ve seen. That’s because this piece of two fisted excitement comes with a motion sensor built into it, so when it’s activated you can lean, twist, bob, and weave to your heart’s delight – and the machine passes your body language on to the player you’re controlling.

The pedals are mounted onto a non-skid pedal base, and while they don’t look as realistic as the Thrustmaster’s, they work better because pressing on them doesn’t cause the base to jump up and bark the back of your thighs.

One of the premier makers of game peripherals is CH Products, of California. It means you have to either glue it to the floor and I’m not quite ready for that or hold it product with your other foot. CH Products makes a full line of neat stuff, from flight yokes and pedals, to joysticks and gamepads. Ditto for the flight yoke, which doubles fxl500 a steering wheel. More frustrating, but still not enough to cause my love for this machine to fade, is the way the leading edge of the floor unit comes off the floor when you tromp on either pedal.


So forget the slams and crashes; just enjoy it for cruising. Racing Wheel has four buttons mounted on it, two on the front and two on the back, and you can configure them for shifting, accelerating, or braking. Ever longed to get a little more “english” out of your game pad? There are also connectors prducts game port or USB universal serial busboth of which exk500 fine. Which makes c the Wheel easier to rationalize.

TechnoFILE Looks at PC Game Controllers

One thing missing from the Sidewinder is a sequential gearshift, and this is a shame. It’ll cost ’em, though: It doesn’t have as realistic a feel as the Nascar Pro, but it’s much more xh than the CH Racing Wheelwhich doesn’t include pedals, either. Pedal feel is quite good. It’s the “no brainer” way to keep informed. You won’t miss them.

It’s a pretty innovative idea, putting to good use the weaving and bobbing to which gamers are prone anyway, and Microsoft has done a good job of pulling, pushing, and bending it off.

Force feedback, at least as displayed in the Sidewinder Wheel, isn’t that real. Microsoft’s Sidewinder Force Feedback Wheel isn’t cheap – but it is one heck of a wheel.