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Pick a letter for your drive and you should be good to go. Yes, most of hard drive jumper should be adjusted to “Master” position before you install the hard drive. You can a total of 25 shared folders to the CN Please reset the unit. This is not the case for the CN , as it is a one drive unit, so no raid or support for multi-disk setups.

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Also, please check under disk management; you may need to assign a drive letter manually.

If it appears that there is a problem with the drive itself, you can try cooolmax download the diagnostic tools from the drive manufacturer. What happens when you try to access the drive?

CoolMax will not guarantee data correctness if you restore the backed up OS to another computer. So try out several cables before you give up.

This is usually a problem with drivers or hardware. A nice little NAS enclosure is ideal for those who want to house all their important data in one wkndows location without having to worry about getting on your knees, reaching behind your PC looking for a empty USB port.


Please continue if you have the file. It was a painless procedure.

Select the Change button under virtual memory. You can put a hard drive, which would be the most useful to transfer files from distant places. May I exchange the Xtreme Files Drive with my colleague? Its simple, widnows interface is easy to configure and requires no drivers or servers! If yes, please connect it to the Xtreme Files Drive again. You windpws the option of automatic or static settings.

Transfer rates are sufficient enough to capture video from a DV camera. The CN really packs a lot of function into a single box solution.

External Hard Drive Not Showing Up in Windows or OS X?

This NAS is user-friendly – simple to understand, easy to use. It is perfectly designed for a quiet environment with its aluminum housed noise-free design. Click on “start menu” choose “control panel” in “settings” open “administrative tools”. The CN serves several functions that would be useful to anyone in a home or very small office environment.

Release the reset button and plug back the RJ45 cable. If the drive shows up here, but not in Windows Explorer, you might have to assign a drive letter to the disk. Before you go that route, however, check and see if the drive shows up in the Disk Management control panel. Nothing must to scream about.


CN first time use instructions? February 1, by Aseem Kishore. The computer will not back up as it interprets the files of that language as random code.

There were a few gripes though.

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Further FTP support request may not be provided. The front is plain and only consists of the Coolmax logo and a power button.

Should I wundows jumper position before I install hard drive into external enclosure? Why are some files not visible or accessible anymore on coolmas Nas? And if you need to host some files that can be accessed via the web then the CN can serve as a FTP server as well. When the drive is connected to the external enclosure properly and the computer recognizes the drive in the “Devices Manager”.

Having difficulty opening folders after connecting to drive.