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The first item in the list appears as the default in the data source selection window. RefFSContextFactory if you are using file system data sources, or com. If you verify that the certificate is the one that you expected, you are sure that you are communicating with the correct server. I have a server certificate in PEM format. Current of Pooled and Non-Pooled Connections. PerfMon counters that let you tune connection information for your application.

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Limit security vulnerabilities with our fully managed ADO. To disable tracing, set the Trace value to 0. Get full coverage from legacy. It allows you to:. When set to 0 the initial defaulttracing is disabled. NET data provider installs a set of PerfMon counters that let you tune and debug jdbf that use the data provider. Be sure to turn off tracing when you are finished reproducing the issue because tracing decreases the performance of your Jdvc application.

SequeLink JDBC Driver Reference

When you make an HTTP connection to an unknown site a site whose certificate is not signed by a certificate authority known to your browserthe browser can sfquelink you for confirmation. The main DataDirect Test window shows the following information:. You can also use Performance Monitor to identify the number and frequency of CLR exceptions in your applications.


For additional information on this scoring system, refer to https: Execute a single JDBC method or execute multiple JDBC methods simultaneously, so that you can easily perform some common tasks, such as returning result sets. For more information, refer to the connection string information in the SequeLink Developer’s Reference.

If you have a certificate management environment for example, SSLeayyou can generate certificates yourself. Some users may find that using static methods on the data provider’s Trace class to be a more convenient way to enable tracing.

Ability to trace method calls. You can then execute any non-parameterized SQL statements.

.NET Bridges for JDBC and ODBC Databases

The originating host is the machine which provides the classes and may be the host from where the HTML page was accessed or the host specified in the codebase parameter in the applet tag. Select the Concatenate check box to see the Java code of all previous actions; otherwise, only the Java code jdbcc the last action will be shown.

In the User Sequeink and Password fields, type the required user name and password connection properties; then, click Connect. You can register a JDBC driver in any of the following ways:. The SSL handshake guarantees seque,ink the site it received the certificate from knows the private key that corresponds to the public key in the certificate.

As a Java application on Windows: All components should be compatible with. The classes you need to import are all contained in the java.


In our example, because only one user ID was sequwlink, only one pool group is closed. Tracing capability can be enabled either through environment sequellnk or the provider-specific SequeLinkTrace class. See Trademarks for appropriate markings. Using environment variables to enable tracing means that you do not have to modify your application.

The data provider traces the input arguments to all of its public method calls, as well as the outputs and returns from those methods anything that a user could potentially call.

If I perform no real checking of the server certificate, what problems do I open myself up to? They provide explanations for the referenced text to help you understand the content of your own Pool Manager trace files.

The data provider’s counters are located in the Performance Monitor under a category name, for example, SequeLink.

NET Framework Redistributable 1. In the Java Code scroll box, the actual Java code used to implement the last action.