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Feedback We’d love to hear your thoughts. There are folders for x86 and amd64 inside the miniport folder, point to the appropriate one for your OS. This field indicates the Storport that it must behave differently for this device. As the names imply, static devices are not removable and are always present, while dynamic devices can arrive and depart. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

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Thus, it’s important that we do not zero it. Newer driver releases don’t have the miniport driver, just storport.

You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub. The functions possible are: The HwStorInitialize routine initializes the miniport driver after a system reboot or power failure occurs.

Notification with the Request. Timer routine is called after the interval that is specified when the miniport driver called Stor. Feedback We’d love differrnce hear your thoughts.

Difference Between Storport And Miniport Driver – aktivvector

Is our resource static or dynamic? Ditference, for example, we were presenting a locally based file as a SCSI disk, then we would probably be doing file operations to satisfy the requested operation. Everything Windows Driver Development. We receive spam notifications and will take immediate action!

Product feedback Sign in to give documentation feedback. This routine is called by Storport to clear any error conditions that exist on the bus.


Consequently, the Storport miniport driver does not obtain a DMA object therefore no interrupt object, no interrupt lock, and no non- cached storage. Read about this change in our blog post.

The NT Insider:Writing a Virtual Storport Miniport Driver

DeviceExtensionSize – indicates the size, in bytes, of the miniport’s adapter-specific storage area which is similar to a WDM between device extension.

The miniport driver is notified to start a unit or handle a power state transition for a unit device. Conversely, a physical miniport driver uses only Storport APIs.

The HwStorResetBus routine is called by the port driver to clear error conditions. Storport Driver Virtual Miniport Routines Difterence Drivers Storport virtual miniport VMiniport drivers and Storport physical miniport drivers that srorport, one that uses a physical host bus adapter are equivalent in many respects. The HwStorFindAdapter routine uses the supplied configuration to determine whether a specific HBA is supported and, if it is, to return configuration information about that adapter.

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Storport is a welcome relief to storage driver writers wishing to write a miniport for a virtual adapter. While this may sound daunting, remember that as a virtual miniport you have the full set of Kernel APIs and other drivers in the system to help you perform your work. HwInitialize This routine is called after HwStorFindAdapter successfully returns and its purpose is to initialize miiport miniport and to find all devices that are of interest to it. As with any development project, a good project begins with a good design.


This is used by the miniport as storage for driver-determined logical unit information, and the space is allocated out of non-paged pool. A miniport driver that works with the Storport driver must contain implementations of the routine descriptions listed in this section, and it must beteeen them through. sttorport

ScsiStopAdapter – this operation is requested when Storport wants to diffeernce the virtual adapter ScsiRestartAdapter – this operations is requested when Storport wants to reinitialize the virtual adapter ScsiSetBootConfig – this operation is requested when Storport wants to restore any settings on a SMD that the BIOS might need to reboot.

This is used by the miniport as storage for driver-defined adapter information.

Storport driver miniport routines

The following are miniport driver routines: SpecificLuExtensionSize – indicates the size, in bytes, of the virtual adapter’s per logical unit storage area. An SRB being initiated does not mean completed. A miniport driver’s Hw. We can use this area any way we minilort on a per SRB basis.