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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Or, use that money the upgrade would cost, to invest in a different DAW that already has these features, if you are not decided in PT. Plug the outputs into the Digi and use GB. Can’t figure where the problems lie. Adjust levels at board until meter show them each at unity. Odd, that seems like such a significant stipulation, you would think it would be included in the instructions. Phrauge Max Output Level:

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Connect the main outputs of your mixer to your studio monitors Choose any combination of the following: I have never heard that. The AxeFx also runs the digital outputs to the I did not have the Digi For them its coreeaudio about getting their customers to use their gear so that when it is time to upgrade then they buy more Digi gear. Rules Discussion of cracked software will be removed.

Bought used Digi003 rack… need Pro Tools?

However, please take notice of a few rules:. Excellent stuff and yep, I agree. I’m running snow leopard, abelton 8 and the ” rack” refers to the digidesign rack.


If cofeaudio were running a heft project at 20ms latency and you had to do a quick overdub but couldnt direct monitor, that would suck! Odd, that seems like such a significant stipulation, you would think it would be included in the instructions.

Bought used Digi rack My reading of the document is that you will have all the upgrades the previous owner registered with avid.

anyone know how to route the rack into abelton? : abletonlive

Your name or email address: I go straight into my from the Axe via XLR and it sounds sweet! So I can’t speak to that.

But this does work. Seems there should be some way to input the Axe to play through the monitors, record, have recorded music playing back through the rack at the same time. You can drag any audio file into GB and use it as a backing track. If you want to creaudio Sonar and get what you paid for with your multi-core computer then get any other interface out there The specific problems are too numerous to describe.

If you have your monitor outputs from Pro Tools connected to an aux return on your board, set the return knob to unity and solo this return. Jul 30, Messages: I’m quite settled for the unless the update digi released didn’t fix the issues.


No, create an account now. The Gear Page is run by musicians dibi musicians. Want to add to the discussion? Your name or email address: Also in GB there are plenty of Apple loops to get you started with recording and writing and the interface is much easier than PT’s to get some instant gratification Mark. Output this to your main outs monitor outs will recieve same signal and any outputs you have connected to your board.

My small recording rig just tack getting bigger! Home Forums Recent Posts. It would now become part of your Pro Tools session. Hi Steve, Based on all that you’ve written, I really think that you’ll benefit from using a small to medium sized mixing board as the front end to your Digi as well as the centerpiece to your studio. Chris – will give that difi shot dude.