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That was not asked in the question. Through this information and some extra googling, I now know:. You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site. The SDK sample program does not seem to be able to communicate with the device either, even though it does not indicate any errors when attempting to do so. Are there any updates on your efforts? You must be logged in to post a comment. Right middle finger 9:

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Developer Connection1

One way to do this is to edit your post to include the output of lsusb. I will send in an article to linuxbiometrics. Can you tell us which fingerprint scanner you have?

This seems as though its going to be a pain to clean. Have you seen this page?

Please provide any feedback. The fingerprint sensor is probably a Digital Persona UareU If this is true, the fingerprint image is encrypted… …but a developer familiar with the UareU Windows API suggests that the encryption key is defined by the host computer at installation time.

The software detects the device, but it doesn’t scan.


Although I believe that Fedora are leading the way there and recently System76 have released some Ubuntu-based laptops with fprint enabled authentication.

And I love the test programs so cool it worked better than I imaged it and I have butterflys thanks digitallersona now im gonna spend all night playing with it and taking my finger prints: With device plugged and device unplugged.

drivers – How do I get a Digital Personal U fingerprint scanner working? – Ask Ubuntu

Since this would be the first time that I touch a Finger scanner, I will need a lot of help. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest.

Read ABI signature ldd: Their standard sdk found here, http: I’m unable to run the include samples in the SDK. Any available readers R: Transcript of driver compile and load root clawsx: Fprint Fprint is a project to support fingerprint readers in Linux. The file is found, but not used.

If you can send me all information that you have gathered on the Digital Persona I would be extremely thank full as it would give me a head start that I need to write the deamon that we will need to support our client.

Can anyone help me find his email address? Bus Device Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. Make sure to set the permissions on the device nodes. Exit the application Choose an option 1 – 5, E: List all available readers 5: I can see that the driver is loaded when the reader is connected to the RPI.


So far I have created a script to extract the firmware from the windows driver distribution, and a skeleton driver which pulses the light around the sensor 3 times on plugin looks very cool! Can you confirm which distro you will be running and whether or not it will be eabihf?

Can someone at least comment on whether or not the device should power-on when plugged into the USB port blue LED’s lit? Post output of running the below commands on a pre-existing system library on the board not the DP libraries.

I have an external USB-based fingerprint scanner. Enter the name of the name of the person to be enrolled: Join our community today! Email Required, but never shown. Right index finger digitalpersons