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Share real-world, practical knowledge with the FlexPro Community and receive helpful tips from the Weisang Support Team! PC communications are made easy with the Waveform Viewer and Wirepuller software programs. Kontaktieren Sie uns jetzt: Trigger on abnormal high-speed phenomena Low-speed in a sampler: A Wide Range of Trigger Having a wide range of triggers is of course very useful for obtaining stable observations of variety of different waveforms.

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Snapshot Function Enables On-Screen Waveform Comparisons Using the snapshot function, sl750 can freeze the scopecorrer displayed waveform with the touch of a button. Roll recording trend recording Separate Memory Management for Each sampler Maximum memory for low-speed: PC communications are made easy with the Waveform Viewer and Wirepullersoftware programs. In addition, you can instantaneously search for the cycle containing the maximum value and display it on the zoom screen.

This lets you check needed data immediately when preparing a report.

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This results in higher efficiency and significantly lower power consumption. The History Memory function was designed for such situations. Download FlexPro and try the full-featured version free for 30 days without obligation. PC communications are made easy with the Waveform Viewer and Wirepuller software programs.


Efficient Memory Use Sufficient memory length is available even when 16 channels are used, so you can conduct extended observations on multiple channels 2. It is useful for measuring rotation pulse counts for equipment like stepping motors, for tracking error signal counts for optical discs and other devices, and for counting encoder output pulse counts.

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Our Support at a Glance. Quickly find the right data for fast analysis and visualization. Numerous industries rely on the high performance of FlexPro. Backup time varies according to the usage environment. It automatically searches for the desired edges and displayed them on a zoom screen.

Up to four zones can be defined. Discover our measurement technology software: The Edge Search counts rising and falling edges in the captured data. The DC input can be used as a backup power supply. With this option, you can define as many as 8 different formulas using a wide range of functions, including a triangle function, differentiation, integration, square root, digital filter, and seven different FFT functions.


Become a Scopecordee expert. Download the current FlexPro release now! Each DSP channel can perform up to four arithmetic operations and filtering at high speed, without slowing down waveform acquisitions.

How do I download the latest software? This function calculates statistical information about the waveform.

Weisang training courses give you hands-on scopecordr using FlexPro straight from the source. It divides long memory into a number of blocks and automatically stores up to previously captured waveforms. The FlexPro Community — user information available to you. Make multiple recordings per waveform seconds total, min. This enables you to check the parameter trends at a glance.

Are you interested in FlexPro or a custom measurement data software solution from Weisang? Memory backup helps you avoid losing important data even if the power supply is unstable and gets cut off. Range settings can be used to obtain accurate single-cycle RMS and average value measurements.