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More recently, though, Transylvania has embraced the popularity of Dracula and welcomes vampire hunters with open arms. Not only was he not the owner of the Bran Castle, but it is unclear whether he ever even set foot there. If you ever considered visiting Romania, do it for nothing else than to visit the Transylvania region. Specialists say Bran Castle was never in the possession of Vlad Tepes, and his connection with the castle is, to say the least, vague. It is said; the only association these historical characters have with Bran Castle is when Vlad the Impaler tried to overrun the fortress, it was possible he was eventually imprisoned in the dungeon there.

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The landscape that leads you there, the picturesque town and the fascinating stories that surround this both foreboding and regal residence.

Bran Castle is arguably the country’s most famous medieval landmark, as it is often called Dracula’s Castle.

The Bathory family ruled Transylvania as an independent principality of the Kingdom of Hungary, so she never faced trial for the murders. Black clouds descended upon us as if Count Dracula himself had made his presence known.

The countess displayed vampiric tendencies by drinking and bathing megadrivef the blood of young virgins in the belief she could attain eternal megadrkver.

Do you think this agreement will be extended? So much so, it is easy to be swept up in the legend as you drive through the Carpathian Mountains of Romania, past dark, ancient forests, on your way to Bran Castle.

See The Official Bran Castle site for opening hours. Bran is the castle with the most medieval look megadrivwr all the imposing buildings of Transylvania.


Dracula’s Castle (From “Castlevania: Symphony of the Night”), a song by Megadriver on Spotify

Our megadrivee may contain affiliate links. Information on opening hours further on. Specialists say Bran Castle was never in the possession of Vlad Megadrivef, and his connection with the castle is, to say the least, vague.

Bran Castle has become a very visited monument, a venue for cultural tourism, and the noble families who regain such edifices are wisely thinking about continuing the museum tradition in [such] cases. How did Bran Castle end up as part of the heritage of the Romanian royal family? A view over the Parapet of Bran Castle.

Bram Stoker never actually travelled to Romania but describes many real locations and captures the essence of the Transylvanian landscape. The castle was even depicted in the Hollywood film “Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

The Myth and Mystery of Bran Castle Transylvania | Vagrants Of The World Travel

Throughout the following years, the castle fell into decay. The whole Dracula story is actually based on an imbroglio between Vlad’s castles, which were not in Transylvania [since Vlad Draculea was the ruler of the neighboring principality of Wallachia], and the castle where he may have been detained for a while [by the King of Hungary] in Transylvania.

The Dracula myth itself has a complicated story, which began with some hostile stories [about Vlad the Impaler’s extreme cruelty] written by the German colonists of southern Transylvania, who hated Vlad Tepes [because of his attempts to control their trade].

Furthermore, like everywhere else in the world, such castles cannot be maintained as private residences [because of the huge financial costs]. Two of the most infamous figures in Romanian history formed the inspiration for the character of Count Dracula.


Dracula’s Castle (From “Castlevania: Symphony of the Night”)

Bran Castle is not entirely about the business of Dracula. Bosnia Kosovo Macedonia Montenegro Serbia. Travel adapter with dual USB Charger. The exhibition is an additional entry to the castle but a fascinating insight into the times when the megadrivdr was at its political peak. Draula stories were then adapted by Bram Stoker in the romantic-gothic fashion of the 19th century.

So how did the castle has come to be known as Dracula’s Castle?

The Myth and Mystery of Bran Castle Transylvania

One of the most beautiful and touristic areas of Romania. Bran Castle is the fascinating castles we have visited in Europe. Although Bram Stoker’s book located Dracula’s imaginary castle somewhere else in Transylvania, it was still the Romanians, and not very long ago, who began ddracula Bran as Dracula’s castle.

Surrounded by beautiful gardens and the stunning Transylvanian countryside, the castle is the perfect setting for outdoor events. An exhibition fitting the Count perhaps. See end of article for more details.

What to do in Sozopol Bulgaria. The castle personally belonged to Queen Maria [the wife of King Ferdinand of Romania], it was not part of the royal house’s properties. We would like dtacula thank Bran Castle for allowing us to visit with Sprocket the dog.