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Take the following three pictures for example. Return to Setting interface, select Alarm Setting a dialogue will appear as below, users can select items of alarm setting in needed. Users can set user name and password at the server end. Each Server handles a regional. Parity Odd and even parity bit, default Null E.

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At that time, the record status indicator light will turn red Motion Detection Record Mode It will enable the system to detect image changes and begin to record by activating motion detection and motion alarm record.

If click, users could copy the setting of this channel to any other selected channel Configuration Click icon and access to configuration evr Figure Recorded Files Backup Set the full screen hold time here.

Click Delete to delete schedule. Z Control Interface refer to Figureand click the corresponding channel users can see a red fringe around the channelthen users can begin to control the enabled P. Tilt Speed Set vertical rotating speed. When switch on and off the buttons, the ts3004 indicator lights turn on and off to indicate the working status.

Click and a pop-up window will appear; users can choose different preset or group set.


STEP2 Users can click button to play the selected record, Then return to live display mode after finishing remote playback, it will display a word Connecting on the screen. Click button near ‘Focus’ button to button near ‘Focus’ button ‘Zoom’ button.

It provides the functionalities of live view, playback, log management, and configuration, etc. Central Monitoring System Software Control Panel Preview More information. In this manual, you will learn how to install the hardware and driver softwarettd3004 how to setup the systems of this range of products. Via Don Arrigoni, 5 Rovetta S.

MEDIA – SuperDVR – TD3004 Video Computer Driver Updates

Cif and QCif P. Each Server handles a regional More information. Software Manual Contents 1 Software Installation Meghan Long 1 years ago Views: Z control function of certain camera and select a port number in P. Configure working schedule for certain channels in Schedule Configuration Schedule Record Users can set working schedule for all kinds of record modes in Schedule Configuration.

Channel PCI DVR Card. Owner’s Manual. 650 Congress Park Dr Centerville, OH

When there is no movement, the system will not record and that is helpful for saving system tx3004, and convenient for searching for event record file. Table the function of the main interface buttons Click the right mouse in the main interface a sub menu will appear: Alarm setup The Alarm setup configuration is show as below: Right-click the ruler, it will be magnified 10 multiples.


Appendix Why I can t select more channels to backup? Once all the settings for Windows are completed and you have all the hard dvg setup you can install GeoVision.

Channel PCI DVR Card. Owner’s Manual. Congress Park Dr Centerville, OH – PDF

By selecting this option, only administrator can see corresponding channels. Click Auto Mail icon on the left top side of alarm configuration page dr enter the following area to make Auto Mail setup, referred Figure Manual Record By selecting the options, the relative camera images will be recorded and saved all the time.

Click button near ‘Zoom’ button to zoom out the locale picture of this camera ‘Iris’ button. Client Configuration of Symbian Definitions of the setup items: Start in order beginning with the drivers. The information in this manual was current when published. Camera security Users are divided into two standards: