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I guess i’ll have to run out and pick up a powered usb hub and test it now but the whole thing still stinks. Here’s my information so maybe we can see if it’s specific to MoBos, processors, or whatever else I have another computer behind me so I can hear what I’m saying and it is crystal clear, for me. I know its not officially out yet but its only next month. Sunday, February 14, It’s the least they can do after I purchased most of their stuff. Tuesday, November 3, 8:

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Used it 7 days now, and not a single problem with the sound.

My sound failed within an hour while playing COD I just can’t believe a firmware update had made my headset worse than before. I wonder if it’s possible to revert my firmware to the one that it originally shipped with.

It worked dx-usbcthb like that while i was browsing the web and so forth. I bought the Megalodon and the mic will randomly stop working after a few minutes. I’m testing the unit now with the firmware. I’ll try following your advice and re-flash 2.

Dynex DX-USBCRHB Manual

If you are one of the people that the firmware fixed the Mic cutout but the quality of the Mic seems really bad try this: It sounds ratty and has lots of static all the time, tweaking it does not work like before and makes hardly any difference. Thursday, October 29, 5: Still have not tried that. It just sits at the bios boot screen.


I even stated I was going to be attending a high profile LAN competition being sponsered by computer manufacturers etc but it did not seem to bother them that they might get loads of dx-usgcrhb press.

DX-USBCRHB Driver – Dynex

Sunday, November 22, 5: Djnex by EightyEye Saturday, September 12, 3: Sunday, September dx-ushcrhb, 1: Good luck, hope it works for everyone: Having seen these I thought it was about time I had some decent quality headphones and razer has never done me wrong so I bought them. The Megalodon has just been released and we have heard of a few customers who are expericiancing bandwidth and other issues when attempting to use the Razer Megalodon. But one thing has worked pretty well, I plugged the headphones into my monitor.

I did on my computer but my other system seemed to work fine by default. I upgraded my firmware and my sound just cut out.

Dynex 4 Port Usb 2 0 Hub Dx Thub16 Best Buy

My usb hub plugs into the SAME usb port i had my megalodon plugged in before which means all of the data that it used to transfer through that port is still transferred through that port, it only connects to the computer through that one cord nowhere else.


It can’t be mobo specific since I have a couple of computers I’ve tried it on and all of them have glitched out. With my first pair, I verified that I had the latest Windows and Hardware firmware updates.

I spent a good while testing the new unit they sent me and nothing would fix the Mic cutting out issue. I don’t think the tech has any more suggestions to try out so it’ll probably go on to RMA or I’ll just try and Refund the headset entirely.

Dx ubdb9 Drivers

By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Saturday, July 18, 6: The Megalodon only uses mA. I just cannot hear them The mics don’t cut out anymore but they have crazy bad static on the line regardless of how low you configure volume levels. But I didn’t have problems installing dtnex firmware update, not sure why some people are having to use files from the official 2. I will contact razer ask to talk to someone other then low end tech support to see what they say.