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What the interface boards give you and inexpensively I might add is faster pwm generation and high speed encoder counters. Start Prev 1 Next End. Again, these are just swags, and you could run a slow system without drivers, BUT you still need some form of “driver” to supply the needed power to the motors, so why not let them do the heavy lifting? This is pretty low performance. When some other weird behavior appeared at the same time, we assumed it was hardware damage. The EMC2 comes with several types of user interfaces:. Machine Controllers Software and Solutions.

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The problems may simply be noise or circuitry problems, or they may serbo a problem in the FPGA firmware. The AXIS user interface hides some of the distinctions between Auto and the other modes by making Auto-commands available at most times. Steppers just require a pulse through the parallel port to operate but most servos require feedback loops etc.

It can control servo motors, stepper motors, relays, and other devices related to machine tools. I think you would have to write a driver, but that is quite possibly fairly easy for a servo config, all you need to do is drive the PWM voltage and read back encoder counts.

When he rotates the spindle back and forth, the encoder counts get steadily larger instead of tracking emx2 actual rotation. Entry first conceived on 18 December3: Results 1 to 12 of A user interface is the part of the EMC2 that the machine tool operator interacts with.


There are four main components to the EMC2 software: Follow us on All times are GMT Well what can i say the most unhelpfull people. These include abortestopand feed rate override. As we examine each of the components that make up an EMC2 system we will remind the reader of this typical machine.

The central DSP is considered superior because of extra features and benefits it offers, and the ability to use analogue trans-conductance-Torque non-DSP drives.

Table of Contents

In human terms a manual command might be “turn on coolant” or “jog X at 25 inches per minute”. The question is will EMC2 talk to the interface card?

It does this by automatically changing to the mode that is needed for the action the user has requested.

sdrvo After swapping the spindle with another axis, both axes behaved reliably, so at the moment the problem seems to be confined to the spindle encoder when it is on quadrature channel 2, and not at any other servvo. Some motion control commands are available and will cause the same changes in motion in all modes. In auto mode, a similar button or key press might be used to load or start the running of a whole program of G-code that is stored in a file.


why people use cnc controllers when EMC2 has it inbuilt

You need to think of yourself in the role of the one in charge of a machine. The time now is Never misses a beat. I can’t quite imagine what would cause that behavior. Index Recent Topics Search www. The PC, running Linux as its operating system, is actually controlling the stepper motor drives by sending signals through the printer port. The focus of this manual is eemc2 using EMC.

It is the nist moto of sense, model, act. Imagination will take you everywhere. The EMC2 can also run ejc2 motors via servo interface cards or by using an extended parallel port to connect with external control boards. They both have solutions for running servos and adding tons of inputs.

An operator can home an axis in manual mode but not in auto or MDI modes. Powered by Kunena Forum. The ‘servo loop’ within linuxcnc is usually 1kz but some run as high as 10khz.