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This is pretty useless to me. I’ve found mentions on the web by others saying ASIO was working with windows 10 and this card. It will only use the 48 kHz sampling rate and refuse to change it. CRAFT moment due to my hormone injections. Otherwise, could you precise what is your MIDI implementation as, maybe, I will have to consider a setup with separate devices for MIDI and audio in a future thet I hope will be as far as possible?

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Device Manager shows mine with a Microsoft driver from September Your time and expertese was much appreciated, Cheers, Glenn. I’ll admit that it is a little tricky at first to use the patch mixer that comes with Emu.

It could be a time consuming experiment. I took advantage of the so-so weather to spend some time on the problem, reinstalling everything audio on my PC. They may have believed it, but Creative clearly didn’t.

In this case, I have not been able to find it, but it sure would be worth turning off. It is with some regret that I think I’m going to have to let my m go – the whole thing’s too unreliable on anything beyond XP, and E-Mu support is non-existent.


I also enu thoughts of using it to completely bypass my outboard Mackie mixer, and patching my studio mics to it instead of the mixer. It’s on the cd that they provide.

Really pleased some good has come from my inane rants. This shit is making me start to understand what dementia or alheimers must be like. I’m using an m, but essentially it’s the same driver as the Straight off the bat I had to turn up my Sub.

That mixer is an internal mixer just like the volume mixer that is in windows. Behringer Eu are great for the line ins and you might be able to pick up e. Okay, smu one employee trying to make sure that it won’t lie down, but that’s about it. Think I’ve sorted it Asus P6T deluxe; Core i7 2.

Many thanks for any input on this. Make sure you haven’t loaded the set by mistake, say.

Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the card? The EMU sounds almost “baggy” by comparison.

Emu m and ASIOWDM? | Cakewalk Forums

Mine is showing 22ms. I have to admit I’ve never used Vista wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole but I’m pretty sure that the fact the card isn’t,apparently, even seen by ASIO4ALL does hint at a serious problem. In that case you might need to scrub the Win10 driver from your system first.


Still, I wanting to be able to do that and still use one of the Laylas in tandem. You need to set up and ASIO send in the emu patchmix channel strip. If you have the latest Emu aso and have problems it might be better to use the last driver before that. So even the latest emu WDM drivers are no good?

Sad, because the m emmu working perfectly here, comfortably used at ms of latency. Or is it a configuration issue that makes it stick to the default sample rate of the converter at any cost?

Emu 1212m and 5.2 ASIO…WDM?

I was quite happy with Audition 3. I’ve been looking into the m because of its many features and possibilities when it comes to the Emu X2 softsynths. Find More Posts by Reason. Emus website also has a pdf manual that you can download and I highly recommand that as well. As I recall you have to install patchmix and the driver in a specific order.