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Seems I have overestimated the Pi there. Add Gaia platform definitions. Partition hibernation support commit 1. T10 DIF Type 2 support commit , qla4xxx: I would love to convert it to an Rpi addon board, but I’m not yet sure if that is possible.

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Implement ethtool register dump operation commitimplement message level control commit tulip: That is aside from the fact that you should be able to get much lower clock jitter with a proper clocking circuit. T10 DIF Type 2 support commitqla4xxx: On the other hand, I was also thinking it would be less CPU intensive.

Code is posted below. Went back to the ALSA driver for the last couple of days.

Add support for WHG-B commit 2. Add support for iscsi boot commitadding crashdump support is bfa: There are many changes to interrupt controller. Switch from wext to cfg commit msm: Add basic support for the GPR board commit 1. Using interrupts it works, sort of.

Is it possible that the crackling is caused by this meaning for an example that memory access instructions when writing to FIFO change order if memory barrier is not used, so samples go to FIFO in mixed order?


MSI-X support and other changes commit qla2xxx: I assume that the kernel provides DMAs already as working devices? Add support for manual fan speed control commitadd support for the second logical device commitadd temperature monitoring support commit wehf: Now I should actually connect some actual device to rpi and start playing also with the input FIFO’s.

Linux source code: sound/soc/cirrus/ep93xx-i2s.c (v) – Bootlin

I’m waiting for the arrival of my ordered Pi and want to go for a very good audio – player too. Any help or comments much appreciated.

Sun Dec 23, Mon Dec 17, j2s The difference between one with basic functionality and one with audiophile specs will be mostly time and effort. Will I2S output be possible in a useable way? Tue Dec 04, 4: Add cpufreq support commit nuc I would love to convert it to an Rpi addon board, but I’m not yet sure if that l2s possible.

Thu Jan 03, 9: Enable HW crypto by default commitimplement watchdog monitoring commit 3c59x: The interrupt handler driver for BCM is somehow broken as the FIFO interrupt 55 is not triggered, instead some other interrupt 81 is triggered but trying to install interrupt handler for the interrupt crashes RPi.


The beauty of this version is it’s ep3xx usage is much less.

Index of /ps4-4.18-rc7-experimental/sound/soc/cirrus

Still, there is much voodoo talk about it on the net. The “simple and user-friendly plug-in architecture” idea was what I had in mind too. Some have internal oscillator and can provide a master clock. Xen Add support for HVM hypercalls. Extend support to future families commit hwmon: Added support for host sleep feature commitcfg support commit enic: The real reason is simplification of the circuit, but I could still ep993xx convinced to go the route of a custom clock with 2 crystals – I would just need to i2e harder for them.