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If you need a hard worker that’s easy to use and versatile, this is the ideal impact receipt printer. Featuring drop-in paper load, selectable auto-cutter and clamshell covers for easy access and maintenance, the TM-U is very reliable and prints on plain paper in three widths. Verify that the interface is “serial” for this type of Ethernet adapter and that the baud rate is the same as is set on the card. Prior to proceeding, install the ethernet interface and then remove the screw that holds a little cover to the bottom of the printer. Connect a computer directly to an Ethernet printer using a crossover cable For example if the printer was set to

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Testing the Printer You should now be ready to test the printer by printing some text or by pressing the “Print Test Page” button in the General Tab of the printer properties.

How to connect an Epson POS Printer with an Ethernet Adapter

If changing a printer to Ethernet you must change the specific dip switch on the Epson printer to allow for the Ethernet card. Confirm the connection of the power supply unit or the voltage of the commercial power.

When the same IP address is used for more than one device in the network, communication is not possible. It is used to upload bitmaps to Epson printers, but has a simple communication test which will check epspn basic connectivity between the computer and the printer.


This causes all internal settings to return to their factory defaults.

Register The fields marked with an asterisk are required fields. You can reset the Ethernet card to it’s default settings by placing a small jumper u2220 two pins while power cycling the card.

Q: How to check the IP and MAC Address of the Epson Printer? : Support Group

Run a configuration report. Compare IP settings at the printer side and computer side.

You can directly connect a printer with an Ethernet interface to a computer using a crossover cable not the same as a patch cable. Universal Power Supply C32C The TNT technician found it easier to perform his task as well. Also turn off bidirectional supportif enabled.

Specifically you need to configure the port you are using. Press the ‘Submit’ button when done. Select the printer and press Configuration to view or change settings. You should see a screen similar but not identical to this: Configure your computer to use the same IP Address as the printer, BUT changing the final digit of the address to something different.

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Linux Mac OS 7. Alternatively, you can download the files from Epson. The installation step vary slighting depending on the type of Ethernet card you have. Open the printer in the Windows Printer Folder. Good luck and thank you Mark and Steve! To connect to your local network u2220 Ethernet printer must be set to settings compatible with your network.


Using a web browser such as Internet Explorer you should now be able to connect to the adapter by entering the IP address of the adapter directly into the address bar e;son the browser.

Epson TM-UB (BC): Ethernet, PS, EDG – Epson

Go back and repeat step C from the beginning. Watch our How-to video on YouTube! If the address is acceptable to you then skip to section about Configuring the Computer for work with the Ethernet card.

Underneath the cover you will find something that looks like this: To do this you most likely need to change the IP address of your computer to a value that makes the adapter accessible. The computer is unable to connect to the printer over the network. The ‘Submit’ button with write settings to the printer.

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