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All 5 buttons are easily operable without contorting your fingers. Web — open the default web browser. Click here to see why Evoluent does not supply a Mac driver. Click Continue Anyway each time. If restarting does not work, uninstall and reinstall the Evoluent software and restart the computer. The mouse surface must be completely flat for proper tracking.

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For example, a high speed for ordinary tasks, and a slow speed for graphics work. Our employee svoluent be out on leave until we get a replacement mouse” our user has pretty severe tendonitis,regular mice only exacerbate the problem — your mouse seems to have helped her a lot.

Evoluent VM3W-R Wireless Right Handed Vertical Ergonomic Mouse 3 VM3WR PRICE REDUCTION

No other drivers are supplied, but evoluenh VerticalMouse works in most other operating systems with default system support. Volume Down — reduce the sound volume. Download the driver here. A soft wrist support lifts your forearm slightly to help align it with the hand and reduce pressure points. Unplug VerticalMouse 4 when the computer is on.

Mute — mute the sound output. Web — open the default web browser.


This will continue since I do 5 or more office evaluations a week. It promotes a midrange forearm and relaxed hand position, and the light touch of the buttons makes evoluen very easy to operate. In the Pointer Options tab, uncheck the box for Enhance Pointer Precision and set the pointer speed slider to the middle position.

Evoluent VM3W-R VerticalMouse 3 Wireless by

The VerticalMouse 3 can be repositioned without moving the pointer: A small lip on evolueht bottom edge prevents the little finger from rubbing the desk. Refer to this article on the Apple web site: Right click the mouse icon on the taskbar, click Close to shut down the driver. The current driver automatically sets the top button to left click during installation.

Refer to this article on the Apple web site: Up to 30 foot range. On VerticalMouse 3 rev 2, press the button on the bottom of the mouse until the light is blue. Slide it without moving the pointer. Bottom button — back Thumb button — forward. Wake — wake the computer from standby.

Fits Different size hands The new shape fits larger hands as well as smaller hands better. Pointer control is as accurate as any other good mouse when the pointer speed settings are properly adjusted. In Pro E Wildfire 2.


Repositioning The VerticalMouse 3 can be repositioned without moving the pointer: Connect the cable to a USB port directly on the computer. Many users said they got used to it very quickly.

If after allowing the extension it is still not working, restart the computer again. Looks and feels like a throw pillow. Memory Evlluent Pads for arm rests Fits over the existing arm rest on your chair from 6″ to 11″ long to make them much softer and more comfortable. When the installation wizard asks if you wish to install again, click Yes.

Approved ergonomic mouse of University of California at Berkeley The Evoluent VerticalMouse 2 was evaluated in by a team at the health services clinic in UC Berkeley, including medical doctors, physical therapists, ergonomists, and administrators. Click on the pkg file to install. Windows Uninstall Win 7: Power — shut down the computer.