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This trick work for me also. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. I have an error in one of my job. Paul Chapman, I though creating the environment variable and putting the directory path in it the process of putting the jar file in the ClassPath. I made a doc that think will be helpful to all ‘greenhorns’. Not good as I want to put in text, then a picture then some more text and so on and so forth. How HashMap works in Java?

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Definitive Guide to Data Integration Practical steps to developing your data integration strategy.

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March 15, at 1: You are getting java. Thank you for your help, I use a normal functioning job on my tRunJob component. But for further information about this incident, the job is currently experiencing “Exception in thread “main” java. Did the book tell you to use Eclipse?

Can’t you not simply make a post describing the different steps.

I have already open a ticket with my other account listed as a customer so thank you very much for the help. Any reason that I can’t see any attachment that I have attached in a previous post.


Consider Paul’s rocket mass heater.

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver [Solution]

I’m assuming it didn’t, otherwise it would have told you how to set the build path for an Eclipse project instead of how to set an environment variable for the classpath. It’s legal, but some Java tools exceptikn not function properly.

Also i have this error on JDK. Ankit 4, 3 35 I have an error in one of my job. Well, it sure looks like the book is trying to tell you how to set your classpath, which is what you’re needing to do here.

Seems it should work using “Attachments” beneath the posting coom.jdbc.mysql.driver. ReentrantLock Example in Java, Difference between When including over buildpath there was everytime this errormsg.

Solved: Error : Exception in thread “main” – Talend Community

Package names beginning with upper-case letters violate Java conventions. It returns only 20 tables into Hadoop and 1 table caught an error. Hal Rose April 10, at We could add more memory but that would cost more, delete some jobs that run parallel. Difference between transient com.jdbc.kysql.driver volatile keyword Satheesh Cheveri 2, 1 19 Now it is important java.lang.classnofoundexception add mysql-connector-java Difference between WeakReference vs SoftReference You need quotes around the pathname.


otFoundException: [Solution] | Java67

The most effective way is that we assign jobs and run them in sequence, after the job is finished running, run the other job but this would take time depends on the data on that job. Here you’ll find how you can add an external JAR file com.jdbcm.ysql.driver your project using Eclipse.

This question has been asked before and already has an answer. This ensures that Java can find classes that are in the current directory I am using Eclipse to runt the class. The schema had several tables, to be exact there are 21 tables in this job.

Driver, we have seen possible reasons of getting this Exception in Java JDBC code and now familiar with how to fix this. Tibrv Errors and Exceptions. How to add or list certificates from keystore or t