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I never got around to trying out the read only. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Dates in filters need to be formatted correctly for the ODBC driver: Sun, 30 Jan The Database Browser people were kind enough to fix that right away for me and also fixed a problem where you would get a syntax error if your SQL statement spanned multiple lines and you were not on line 1 when you hit F4 to execute the query – couple of other ODBC browser I tried also seem to have this problem.

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Don’t be fooled to believe that software makers are charity organizations.

What else can the new driver do? I installed the portable version into a OneDrive folder.

Topspeed’s position is I believe that they can’t afford to give topspded the ODBC driver, due to the amount of developer resources that it took to create it. Uncategorized — Leave a comment.

Seems like we have settled into a good natured debate on this subject, so ODBC driver topspeed – Please help 7. To my knowledge if you are a developer wanting to access an Access database, there is no charge.

Why should they buy another Reportwriter when they already have on of topsped corporation’s compliant ones?

Replace TopScan with ODBC – tips – ClarionHub

People can set it up easily, and then people can create all kinds of reports with their report writers. Fdee continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


The Database Browser has been a huge help for me. Some use Microsoft software as an example of free stuff. I think if some of ocbc hyperbola calms down you will see there is a difference. Think about selling an application which has reports made with Crystal Reports.

It supports left outer joins, nested sub-selects, scrollable cursors, multilevel outer joins and scalar functions.

Topspeed Odbc Driver

I guarantee if enough people expressed their opinion, and did not topspwed the ODBC drivers I agree with the original poster, the read only should either be free or a one time fee for developers. I wish it a lot more visible than it is now but that’s another topic for a later date Some of the problems I’ve been experiencing, and I’m sure others have too, is that being in a large corporation 18, employees of which 1, are IT related people they have standardised on everything microsoft etc they’ve even looked at and entertained delphi for a whilebut not Clarion, in spite of the major strides Topspeed have made since “3.


In other words, some ODBC drivers are free to get, but you have to pay to use them. BUT no not in this case.

Clarion viewer Free Download

This way we would be able to get work more easily having put the ODBC issue to bed. Want more technical details? Sorry, but I am not going to buy any drivers for customers I don’t already have nor 5-pack of drivers when I need only one set. Notify me of new comments via email. Afterwards you must pay a lisence fee to access the SQL backend database.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I would not mind simple one time fee either and I would go for it most likely.

I would not buy a product like this.

SoftVelocity Topspeed ODBC Read-Only Driver

Sun, topspeer Jan Without it being checked, the table names will all show in Chinese in the table list! As a customer I would prefer having all the necessary components in the package.

I think if TopSpeed is going to have any real long term growth, it has got to get new users, and especially Corporate users. If 5-pack is the only way to experiment with the drivers, I’ll pass. Let’s continue in that vein. They need to get paid for their products and services some way or the other to servive. Download, Install and Run: