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This is a minimalist tracked platform based on the Arduino Duemilanove. Getting Started with Arduino 2nd ed. A successful Kickstarter project. ATmega [37] ATmega [31]. This is a non-exhaustive list of Arduino boards and compatible systems.

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For many Arduino tasks, the USB circuitry is redundant once the device has been programmed. Host is able freetfonics reset the Arduino, pin headers for reset and 3.

An Arduino-compatible board that includes a Zigbee radio XBee.

Several Arduino-compatible products commercially released have avoided the “Arduino” name by using “-duino” name variants. Based on the Duemilanove, with a prototyping area, rearranged LEDs, mini-USB connector, and altered pin 13 circuitry so LED and resistor do not interfere with pin function when acting freetrojics an input.

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Retrieved 12 June This Arduino was co-designed by Adafruit. Includes XBee socket on bottom of board. An inexpensive Arduino-Diecimila-compatible board made for breadboarding. It is the same shape as the Duemilanove, includes an external RPSMA jack on the side of the board opposite the power jack, and is compatible with shields that work with other 3.


Compatible as well with the system “Multiplo”. Margolis, Michael March 15, Same form factor as Teensy 3. Getting Started with NFC: Fully Arduino compatible board, that fits perfectly on a Raspberry Piand can be programmed through the Raspberry Pi’s serial interface.

A successful Kickstarter project.

Retrieved January 23, Includes 6 color-coded 3-pin connectors for direct cable connection of servos, electronic bricks, etc. Wattuino Nanite [] []. All designs supposedly on GitHub, but Io: Similar to Seeeduino, eJackino can use universal boards as shields. Arduino Internals 1st ed. October 19, [53].

List of Arduino boards and compatible systems

The Wireless Widget was designed for both portable and low cost Wireless sensor network applications. Can be programmed with any programming language, though the Amicus IDE is free and complete.

You can solder your own antenna or connect an antenna via U. Power supply by LiPo battery 3. Also sold with the Faraduino buggy kit [] and Faraconnect shield [] as a simple school-level teaching robot.


Windows and Arduino r2

March 18, [35]. If someone could help me diagnose this particular problem, I would be very grateful. Okay so I tried what you said, several times, but it still gave me that error.

An Arduino-Diecimila-compatible board with serial connection to Blocks shields. Arduino-compatible microSD motion datalogging board with accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, pressure, temperature e,even real-time clock. A compact board with Molex connectors, aimed at environments where vibration could be an issue. The following boards accept Arduino shield daughter boards. Arduino Bots and Gadgets: