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I’m not sure which interface you have specifically there’s a few that fit the description but there’s probably a way to disable direct monitoring. Current computers are pretty fast so setting the buffers as low as possible should get latency down to usable levels. Otto tune , Mar 13, The experienced Digital Guys can advise on whether that’s a no no or not. On a consumer device, if you want to use inputs and outputs at the same time, they really need to be on the same audio interface.

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The Focusrite 2i4 has it too, but not the 2i2. Page created in 0. My thinking is that the problem may be your USB output from your amp. That allows the input signals to avoid the round trip through the computer.

ASIO support? – Apple Community

It can record audio, but has little editing capability. Line level or Mic level into the preamp and you’ll need the right cable.

For example, the sensitivity of the inputs, and the gain setting can vary. It will only pass the signal.

Originally Posted by Chili. Guitar, banjo, mandolin and piano, bass and percussion only when needed Production and mixing. Without the real amp drivers, you won’t be able to control the “software” type settings. Should give you more instant results.


When you create a stereo track in Garageband, it will hard-pan both inputs, so input 1 goes out only the left and input 2 goes out only the right. I have no idea if Garage Band even supports using ASIO drivers, but somewhere in there, there should be a menu in the options that will allow you to choose which audio device you garagband for input asii output.

Garageband 10 latency | My Les Paul Forum

Do I need 2 USB interfaces one for input and another for output?! Please go through these steps to ensure that everything is set up properly: Sign in to disable this ad. I don’t actually know if the dry inputs are mixed with the USB return in the device, or my Mac is responsible and could theoretically pull the input out of the returned signal entirely.

A larger buffer will yield higher latency but put less strain on the CPU. There is, however, space for variation between such devices.

So I plugged the Mac directly into the speaker, works. If you look at things like the Focusrite Scarlett, they have a direct monitor button, which switches between the direct aka dry input, and the signal being returned from the computer.

ONE (iPad and Mac): Setup

The time now is It’s a Peavey Valveking 20MH. If you don’t use direct monitoring, the DAW can compensate for the latency between the track, and the instrument track with the VI on it, but there will still be a delay between what I play, and what I hear if I have the VI on an insert – even if I reduce the latency settings as much as possible.


I have the latest driver. Discussion in ‘ Recording Studio ‘ started by VortexMar 11, Varageband weak spots bottleneck combined with strong spots.

VortexMar 13, I can’t help with Garageband. Do you already have an account?

Garageband 10 latency

It’s a compressed file that will need to be extracted before being able to be run. My amp head has a USB out so I can plug into the computer. The confusions I’ve got recently is that if I add FX in Garageband – say I play electric guitar or bass which really need modelling of an amp at least – I need to hear the monitored output from Garageband.

It’ll pay off in the long run anyway. Stereo tracks are typically used for stereo mic situations or if a keyboard has a stereo output.