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Now writes a proper ie small! See format specific documentation for legal creation options for each format. But the failure might be also be due to the presence of the PE string itself. Opened 9 years ago. Show comments Show property changes. If we do this, we would need to modify SetRasterBlock to work properly in this case even for uncompressed files I would hope. I also added documentation on the driver for the creation options see with gdalinfo –format hfa and moved hfacompress.

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HFA — Erdas Imagine .img

Projections and transformations are supported by the PROJ. Let me know what you think, Sam. The format support is indicated as follows: The following utility programs are distributed with GDAL. A ‘s’ is appended for formats supporting subdatasets. I also added documentation on the driver for the creation options see with gdalinfo –format hfa and moved hfacompress.

GDAL Raster Formats

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Creating New Files Access an existing file to read it is generally quite simple. My patch does not make use of the fact that data can be encoded as 1, 2, and 4 bits – 8 bits is the minimum size. We don’t maintain a free list of areas in the HFA file so re-writing a block isn’t as good as it should be. I would appreciate it if you could perhaps look at some of these things and give me some assistance in fixing them up.


I have delayed the allocation of hhfa for blocks until they are nfa so the resulting file is only as big as it needs to be. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Unfortunately this is not complete – it only does the compression of the block so GDAL can read it in again. Download all attachments as: The name of a file containing a WKT coordinate system definition may be used a coordinate system argument, or the entire coordinate system itself may be used as a command line option though escaping all the quotes in WKT is quite challenging.

Opened 14 years ago. It may be necessary to indicate the the format to create, various creation options affecting how it will be created and perhaps a coordinate system to be assigned.

The flags on the dataset need to be changed so that Imagine recognises the file as compressed.

# (HFA Compression) – GDAL

Take care to keep the proj. When dumping the 1. Image Display and Analysis WinDisp [19]. Here follows the list of data formats whose support is, by default, compiled to allow creation and hda.


For instance, the GeoTIFF driver supports creation options to control compression, and whether the file should be tiled. Bdal Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. Show comments Show property changes.

Show comments Show property changes. The others were generated with GDAL 1. Access an existing file to read it is generally quite simple.

List all raster formats supported by this GDAL build read-only and read-write and exit. Hffa believe Imagine needs some of the metadata altered. Individual drivers may be influenced by other configuration options. Visit the Trac open source project at http: Sorry I have taken so long to get this to you – I’ve been busier than expected.

The final output is approx MB for both outputs.