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Please send your signed and scanned copy of your enrolment to support epo. You will receive a confirmation e-mail quoting the DHL tracking number once your card has been dispatched. At the beginning of the EPO opted for a new generation of smart cards. They offer tamper-proof storage of the user’s private keys and digital certificates, are highly resistant to unauthorised deletion or copying of the certificates and keys, and any attempt to tamper with them requires significant effort which would invariably result in physical damage to the cards themselves. Can I sign e-mails with my EPO smart card? What is the latest version of Gemalto?

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The green light on my ggemsafe card reader is flashing. Can I use Online Filing? Learn more and view Solution Brief. A facsimile signature is a scanned image of a handwritten signature. You will receive a confirmation e-mail quoting the DHL tracking number once your card has been dispatched.

Troubleshooting I am leaving my company today. Smart cards are now valid for five years, and they are issued to the individual; this means you can take yours with you if you change employer or use it for several companies at a time.

Gemplus has become Gemalto

How can I remove them? When I tried to renew my smart card I received the message “Your smart card has not been recognised as issued by the EPO”. Which Wmart version cafd Windows Vista? I smagt in the Classic Client Toolbox Libraries 6.


You are now issued a smart card as an individual rather than as an employee of a specific company. If not, please contact us. However, you can also use any other reader that is recognised by the Gemalto software. The following field values need to be defined by the editor. How can I check that my PIN code is correct and not blocked? Cookie Keyword hidden text field for keeping extra info: You can draft, sign and send filings. The EPO decided very early on in the planning process for its online services that the certificates which would allow users to conduct secure transactions with us would be stored on smart cards.

Gemplus Gemsafe Enterprise Wrkstation Smart Card Reader Writer PCMCIA & Software | eBay

Gemalto Classic Client 6. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, please follow the procedure described here. What do I need to do in order to revoke smaet smart card?

All our offices will be closed over the holiday period from 24 December and will open again on 2 January Each smart card contains a personal electronic key, which is equivalent to a “live” signature in the paper world. Please contact us for further assistance.


Smart Card Readers

Reader installation and Gemalto software Can I use any other smart card readers apart from the one supplied by the EPO? No, only gemsafr persons representatives, authorised legal practitioners and employers are allowed to use their smart card to sign applications.

What is the role of the company administrator? I have connected my smart card reader to my computer. Try changing the connecting lead to another USB port. Lead Rating hidden possible values: If you have not received you PIN code, please contact us for assistance.

If I get a replacement or renewal smart card, will my PIN code stay the same? This means that Gemalto Classic Client 6.

Title field value.

If your smart card has already expired or if you have already asked Gesafe User Support to revoke it, you should cut the smart card across the metallic chip and dispose of it. If the green light on your smart card reader is flashing, that means your smart card reader is switched on. Rating hidden possible values: