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You can find it in: I inherited a batch of GPIB controllers from another division. These bit definitions are not consistent among instrument vendors and the method for determining the cause of a service request varies with each device. Therefore the serial port driver timeout can be fixed to an arbitrarily short value without risk of data corruption. Below, is a picture showing different software and hardware layers involved in a remote-control task. Each example illustrates a typical instrument control session. When enabled it defines a handler for the SerialPort class’ DataReceivedEvent, the handler calls WakeUp to immediately interrupt any waiting delay.

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Now from the viRead tab, select a count ofthe length of our expected response, then click Execute. This example illustrates how to communicate with an instrument via the serial port.

GPIB-to-VISA Migration – GPIB-to-VISA Migration – National Instruments

However if there are several boards accessed by the same driver then if the vias is thread-safe it is better to allow different boards to be accessed simultaneously from different threads, this is achieved setting different interfacelockid values for each board. Disconnect and clean up — When you no longer need d and gyou should disconnect from the instrument, remove the objects from memory, and remove them from the MATLAB workspace.

The result is the instrument responding with an identification string: In the default base-class implementation trying to set this property to true will raise a NotSupportedException. They provide a complete independent way to verify the communication with your instrument.

3. VISA and VISA Tools | Rohde & Schwarz

For example I just discovered that some intermittent problems when using asynchronous notify with the NI driver might visaa related to the driver’s automatic polling active by default but I think it will be disabled in the next release: Configure property values — Configure s to match the instrument’s baud rate and terminator.


Yes, writing this software needed a lot of experimentation and it is not complete yet: I don’t have a MCC board but the signatures of all the gpib There is an example of function doing all these configuration steps in the test Form:.

Bringing a “tried but true” synchronous GPIB driver interface vias the asynchronous programming world demonstrates a serious knowledge of both old and new technologies. Assuming you already have the correct resource string, connect to your instrument by hitting the Connect button. These bit definitions are not consistent among instrument vendors and the method for determining the cause of a service request varies with each device.

One can mix blocking and asynchronous commands even on the same device, then a blocking command should in principle be processed as soon as the current asynchronous operation if any completes or when it is waiting for retry however there is no guarantee as for the exact timing which is decided by the OS task scheduler. All Examples Functions Blocks Cisa. When ” showmessages ” field is set to true default this forms opens when an error occurs.

The assembly defines two namespaces: If Bit 6 is set, then the device requested service.

GPIB 488.2 Functions and VISA Functions

The IODevices namespace which should be imported to the application defines the following classes:. I don’t understand yet why ThreadIberr and ThreadIbcnt also fail.

If your GPIB device is SCPI-compliant, the name and address appear in the lower main window once the instrument name in the configuration tree has been clicked. I am able to connect to the gpib but the sendasync command is failing. My vote of 5 Pawel Wzietek May 4: Setting this property to true will enable the board’s “Notify” callback to be activated on SRQ vksa subscribe to the notify event visz the device. This project originated from my efforts to obtain efficient GPIB control in an environment where some devices are slow to respond and usually create a bottleneck in the data flow.


It is creating the null string like you stated above, which is triggering the null reference exception. Most Active Software Boards: Oh I did not realize the address and board were addressed in the same string, the device class from NI has them separated by goib like device string primary addr, string secondary addr, boardID.

NullReferenceException’ I am not sure if that is due to the fact that SendAsync does not read anything back so the response is always null or if it actually is an error. Pawel Wzietek Mar 3: If you have problems when using more than one port at the same time then it might have something to do with the virtual port driver and threading, read “query sequence and lock levels” in the last section.

This example illustrates how to communicate with a GPIB instrument through a device object. I am thinking the interface is configured with the wrong address from switching between GPIBs.

A Simple RS Terminal.