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Rich August 15, at Do this for each button track recorded: This is what came out holding the buttons: Just as a sound card in a computer digitizes audio waveforms, a software radio peripheral digitizes radio waveforms. I just bought HackRF as an upgrade from a rtl-sdr usb stick. You are not logged in. This device is the succesor of the Jawbreaker hardware and its manufacturing was possible thanks to a specific kickstarter campaign.

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That is exactly what I got and nothing I can do and there is nobody that can help fix it. Check the waterfall graph to see how much bandwitdh is needed.

Where can I get pre compiled hackrf tools for windows? : hackrf

A single software radio platform can be used to implement virtually any wireless technology Bluetooth, ZigBee, cellular technologies, FM radio, etc. Hans September 21, at 3: FCC information includes RF info and the occasional schematic. Opening it up it revelas a HSA-R4; some datasheets wincows available using google. I would roughly go through these things You are not logged in.

If you prefer email then you may use the HackRF-dev mailing list instead. I tested the ham it up converter but the signal is really worse almost not visible than without the ham it up converter so I think something is wrong with my ham it up or my antenna THis is a recorded session of a mifare reading with my mobile phone: You need the 32 bit one, since its for the hackrf tools 32 bit.


So unless Zefie updates we may hackrt to compile from source ourselves.

Next part will be installing the HackRF environment and compiling it under Windows! Same issue as Hans for me. Cas55 July 15, at 4: It’s nice to extract that, because then you can jump on any such transmission with the same dcs-key and join the party I can use my computer to tell the kids it’s dinner time. I’m now starting to understand the benefits of using quadrature sampling, and can’t help thinking about if that’s something we could do in proxmark.

This is the device used to remotely control some electrical plugs, it has 10 buttons divided in 5 ON and 5 OFF buttons: Double-click on any peak to tune to that frequency and listen to it! Here is a sum-up of the various available frequencies: In other words, if I start a capture and then stop it, the only way to get the gui to show the data again is to reset the hackrf module Is this normal?

Now a tutorial on how to use gnuradio is really welcome!

Michael Ossman has been talking about that in videos 6 and 7. Geoff Nicol – pingback on July 20, at We wouldn’t have to start anew from scratch, I think, but maybe have a separate mode for quadrature sampling. Want to contact me?


Great Scott Gadgets – HackRF One

Richard September 29, at 1: Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Here are the basics: I did notice some issues like my feed would stop every once in awhile, I just did a stop then start in SDR and it got going again.

Vic – Australia Registered: I already got my HackRF working in linux with GNU Radio, but I dual boot my laptop into windows too and sometimes its nice to have access to other programs anyway. It has not been tested for compliance with regulations governing transmission of radio signals.

Complains about not finding libgmp Anyway, asper wrote – 8-bit quadrature samples 8-bit I and 8-bit Q: In other words, if I start a capture and then stop it, the only way to get the gui to show the data again is to reset the hackrf module.