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HP PhotoSmart Digital camera. These are not included. For whatever reason, we’ve become conditioned to associate quality images with complex devices. As we’ll discuss later, you can also pre-assign standard image output sizes to the different image quality settings, helping to further automate the printing process. Finally, a tiny number in the lower right-hand corner of the image tells you which image is being displayed. Do you have a C20 camera? The real catch comes when it’s time to actually do something with the pictures you’ve taken:

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In the case of the photsmart and screen brightness options, this lets you into the adjustment screen for that option, where you can move a cursor back and forth with the arrow buttons. The flash vamera is a bit odd in this respect, although we understand what the designers were trying to do in setting it up this way: A “reset” button will also set everything back to normal with a single click, if you get too lost in the adjustment process.

PhotoSmart C20 First mentioned: With this feature, you can easily accommodate off-center subjects by turning to center them, locking the focus and exposure, then turning back to frame the shot to your liking before firing the shutter.

Digital Cameras – HP PhotoSmart C20 Digital Camera Review, Information, and Specifications

Controls are conveniently located, supporting one-handed shooting in normal situations, with the left hand being required only to access the LCD-based menu options. It will automatically detect when the camera is plugged into the serial port, and begin downloading images unattended. About this product Product Information This compact digital camera offers point-and-shoot simplicity and sharp, picture-perfect results.


We would have made the purple button immediately enable the viewfinder, with a press of the “menu” button required to bring up the menu first. Like every other digital camera we’ve tested, the C20 is clearly a right-handed device. We plan a more complete presentation on the entire PhotoSmart system, including this unique software in the near future, but for now will describe some of the functioning of the vigital program, and explain why we feel it is so significant. The battery-condition indicator in the C20 appears to be calibrated for alkaline rigital, and so will incorrectly display the “half empty” or is that “half full?

Camera was in family storage The slide-show interval can be set via the host software, while the camera is plugged into the serial connection.

Nikon D D One note though, once the indicator moves down from half-full, you’ll have very little charge remaining in your battery pack: HP PhotoSmart C30 1.

We also liked the metal tripod socket on the camera’s underside – most cameras we’ve tested to date have used plastic for this important structural detail. In autofocus mode, this delay stretches to upwards of two seconds. This page was last edited on 5 Novemberat When you select an output size for an image, the cropping guides in the preview window will automatically adjust themselves to the appropriate aspect ratio a fancy term for the ratio of length to width: We’ve heard comments from some experienced users that the HP software’s “user friendly” interface made them feel a bit like they were back in grade school, but we found little in it to complain about.

This camera includes the exclusive HP PhotoSmart photo finishing software that lets you index your pictures and create layouts. Effective Flash Range 3. Review Mode As mentioned 2c0, review mode is entered by pressing the purple back-panel button with the lens cover closed. Save on Digital Cameras Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. As digital photographers, we have an array of wonderful inkjet printers including HP’s own “PhotoSmart” printer, which we’ll discuss in greater depth elsewhere available to create stunning prints from our digital photographs.


The part of the process that’s photosmarrt for most digital photographers is called “photofinishing” in the conventional, film-based world: The C20 decisively corrects that, presenting consumers with a truly easy-to-use digital camera having excellent cajera quality, good ergonomics, and an affordable price.

Inveterate knob-tweakers will find relatively few things to adjust on the C July Learn how and when to remove this template message. The resulting images were sharp and showed good detail, but the minimum capture area of roughly 7 x 9 inches 22 x 17 cm was a bit larger than most of the competition. Other reviews on this site address the PhotoSmart photozmart, and the system seen as a whole, including the PhotoSmart printer.

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HP Photosmart

HP announced on November 7th, that it will seek an alternative business model for its HP-branded cameras and was working to identify an original equipment manufacturer OEM partner that would be licensed to design, source and distribute digital cameras under the HP brand. Item Location see all. HP also listened to consumer demands and put an LCD screen in the pacmard and kept the oprical viewfinder.