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I keep reading different reviews on my newly aquired driver as well as the booklet that came with it and have some questions ratling around. It has been talked about for years. Have just added this driver to my clubs to replace an old second hand McGregor. Upgraded from the R9 SuperTri and it feels pingier off the face and according to my GPS is 20 yards longer – in the winter weather. I just think its weird that the books contradict each other.

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Callaway RAZR Fit Driver Review

It says that is neutral, and then if you want to have a draw bias with the weights you just put the 12g in the heel and 2g in the toe. Do you need a special tool to install aftermarket shafts into these clubs? Callaway has been using adjustable weights in their drivers sincebut they were pre-fitted, so the RAZR Fit driver is the first model where you have been able to adjust them yourself or with the help of a fitter. When you set the face to open it changes the angle by 2.

The OptiFit weight system basically helps the player control their shot shape by moving the center of t of the club. Learn how your comment data is processed. I was able to borry a Project X 6.

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. After 15 years at the top thanks to the hugely successful Big Bertha line, the once mighty Callaway it still is fairly formidable, of course has been an increasingly distant second to TaylorMade in the driver market since TaylorMade officially became the best-selling brand of driver in Lady versions of both the driver and the fairway woods are also available.


The introduction of Callaway’s Forged Composite material with the launch of the Diablo Octane driver in the fall of probably didn’t produce quite the reaction in the industry the manufacturer was hoping for, and Forged Composite didn’t become at least it hasn’t yet as big a part of the conversation as TaylorMade’s White-Out.

Who’s to say if the reason for that was just bad timing or over-hyped, and largely unfounded, claims about the technology? I’ve forgotten my password. If you’d like to get involved with the testing, click here to contact us. As the largest online golf community we continue to protect the purity of our members opinions and the platform to voice them. I’m quite tall 6’3″ so might have made them a degree or two more upright if possible, but that’s it.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I will be putting the 12 gram in the heel and the 2 gram in the toe and probably leave it alone forever. This is a great driver- at address it is very sleek looking and increases confidence.

No one can deny the quality of TaylorMade’s clubs – they’re superb – but at the same time, one shouldn’t forget the brilliance of its marketing campaigns and the fact its roster of players has been hugely successful partly because of their drivers of course.

Please log in to reply. Won’t be changing this one for a while. Well, while I wait, I’ve been hitting the Razr Fit demo at my range and I’m killing it, loving the feel. But a lot of it is just dit same old stuff hidden behind cool new graphics.


Callaway RAZR Fit Driver- Tech Video & Pictures – GolfWRX

There are some difference between this driver with others, if you are interested in it, you can have a try. Equipment Forum Thread of the Day: This is another of those clubs about which I am tempted to adjuxt a really short review In these series of articles, I will be taking you around the Emerald Isle providing you with great golf courses I had ordered a Razr Fit the day they came out after a fitting.

Edited by Joeypole, 21 February – The odd thing I noticed was that in the guide for the standard Fih it says that the driver is neutral upon shipment, and explains that the hosel is set to S square adjuxt, 2g weight is in the heel, and 12g is in the toe. It could be both a “neutral” weighting, yet allow for more fade than any of the other combinations which all provide some ift of draw bias. Yeah, I don’t really see those as contradictory.

Are we going back to the R9 days arguing about effective loft vs.

Originally Posted by Pkielwa. If you prefer the club face to look more open at address, simply loosen the screw at the bottom of the club going into the shaft with the accompanying wrench and set the Cog on the hosel to the open O position.