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Today we are going to cover the very basic check that is a must in every application check. HttpURLConnection ; import java. For Page Name depends on your naming convention, Page Link get be acquired using driver. Please check this link for more info. Why is the method verifyLinkActive public? Code to Find the Broken links on a webpage Below is the web driver code which tests our use case:

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Please check this link for more info. An Automation script using Selenium that will automate the process is a more apt solution. Accessing image links are done using By. They may be down or not functioning due to some server error An URL will always have a status with 2xx which is valid.

Thanks for replying to my question. HttpURLConnection ; import java. If you are not regular reader of SoftwareTestingMaterial. I am sure you must have faced page not found an issue in most of the application which is called broken link. You can try below code. By ; import org.


Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. By ; import org.

Pradeep October 27, at 6: This can be easily handled using an If loop. Mukesh Otwani September 14, at Git Hub is a Collaboration platform.

URL ; import java. Using a for-each loop, each element is accessed. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Can you please make detail video of Web Services testing Soupui and other related concepts? TroubleShooting In an isolated case, the first link accessed by the code could be the “Home” Link. Keep the code in try catch block to continue the broken link analysis.

How To Find Broken Links Using Selenium WebDriver

Hi Mukesh, I am facing issue with appium installation I have downloaded all the tools and jar files and installed but padnet, genymotion, appiumserver are not working in my system and selenium web driver is going fine Can you please help about this issues if you have done vedeos for this please share. It seems, that some of your href attribute contains expressions which are not identified as url’s. Hi Pravash, convert the class in to TestNG class.


I hope you can understand how easy and how important to verify the link and images. Mukesh Otwani September 24, at 8: It returns a list of all webelements or an empty list if nothing matches.

How to find broken links using Selenium WebDriver with Java – Stack Overflow

Is it necessary that other classes can use this method too? Girija December 13, at 7: Hiwhat is good approach to handle stale element reference exceptions.

Hope this helps you. I just modified the code that Learningcode posted.

Hi Mukesh, how can I verify a text is highlighted or not using Selenium Webdriver. Cross Browser Testing using Selenium Webdriver.