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You need to keep up with news not only about security issues, but also diverse concepts and new solutions, which help you to become better and better and understand more about what you do. We respect your privacy, and We will never sell your information to any third parties view our Privacy Policy. If you just wrote browser. As for Watir-WebDriver vs. Your final job is to find a unique way to identify a particular HTML element on a particular page. You can do browser.

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The rational solution is to automate your tests. The time to move to watir-webdriver is now. Stay tuned for future releases! Notice the usage of: Setup First, you’ll watif-webdriver to install the ‘watir’ gem – either manually or through your Gemfile.

I assume you already have Ruby set up on your machine and have some basic knowledge of it. After every change the team and clients want testing done ASAP, but on the other hand you don’t want to miss anything, so the time it skpported probably doesn’t meet their expectations.

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Watir-Webdriver: Control the Browser — SitePoint

With its help, a real user can be simulated, allowing you to automate the full stack testing of your web application. Please, use ‘ htmp method instead. This also applies to tables, rows and cells:.


WebDriver was started by Google to allow browser automation tools to get closer to simulating real user behavior.

Take the same p element from above and, this time, get the value of the id watir-webdrver. This means that each page would have a html element like: When either of these are used, they must be the only one provided in the Selector Hash.

Class: Watir::Element

What does the fourth line do? When you were dealing with element collections in Watir 1. Watir allows us to check if the element with provided locator is present.

You need to keep up with news not only about security issues, but also diverse concepts and new solutions, which help you to become better and better and understand more about what you do. Email Required, but never shown.

elementss You can get a sense for what this looks like by checking out our sample app XPathify. If you’re not sure about unit tests in your project, talk about them with the developers – good unit tests can save the team a lot of stress you can find our posts concerned with testing here.

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Class: Watir::Element — Documentation for watir-webdriver ()

Any of the following would work:. As previously mentioned, real users mainly perform 2 actions on a web page: If you’ve got your tests already scripted, having a browser interface running may be unnecessary and distracting – there is a simple way around elemets, using the ‘headless’ gem. You’ve got some kind of specification, and you’re manually testing the app against it.


Since, its an collection, I can use the each method to iterate over the collection.

Instances where this can not be done include when the usage elments Create a free website or blog at WordPress. In this elemenys, they are set and. Chrome – you should download ‘chromedriver’ from https: With Watir you can locate any element by its text, not just links, and Watir already supports partial matches for all of its locators with Regular Expressions. The special cases will be highlighted below, but Watir Locators: You’ll spend less time stressing over features that are extensively covered there.

Make sure that you have the browsers you want to automate installed, and download the appropriate driver binaries: