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The only disadvantage is position of audio-ins. These highly stable and reliable boards will suit low-level workstations and average desktop PCs. The board has a MicroATX format. Video 3Digests Video cards: All configuration settings are hidden in the BIOS. Voltages of the AGP bus and of the memory can be also regulated 1.

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Intel Chipset Review & Motherboard Roundup: September

They weren’t really a name that was held in high regard by Power Users. For example, it will be difficult to insert memory modules with a video card being already installed into an AGP slot, or you can face difficulties when connecting cables to audio-ins and IDE Raid connectors if expansion cards are installed into PCI slots.

The Intel is, as a rule, a bit slower than the others, while the ASUS and Soltek outperform a little their competitors. Another interesting connector is designed for the EzPlug technology: Until now Intel has developed only one chipset for the Pentium 4 processor which is the i You can also manually distribute interrupts among PCI slots.

The unofficial sources inform: Video 3Digests Video cards: But some boards have a jumper with a ” MHz” writing on it. Besides, they are highly stable boards. Besides, there are 5 uF, 2 uF and 4 uF capacitors to make the board more stable in an overclocking mode.


Gigabyte has been in the business of making motherboards for quite some time now; since to be exact. The CD with drivers has a new shell for installation of its programs and drivers. Here you can look at it: All other settings are hidden in the BIOS. If Intel Moherboard 4 based systems drop in prices it will be a rational way-out.

EPoX EP-4BEAV – motherboard – ATX – Socket – i Overview – CNET

Intel DHV This board is just a pre-production sample, that is why it is supplied only with a user’s manual, 2 CDs, an ATA cable and a bracket for the rear computer panel because motherboarr the non-standard positions of the ports. But there are also unsoldered switches to change Vcore and a FSB frequency. Now let’s discuss the participants: Let’s wait for the test results and see whether the performance is high as well. Write a comment below. Subscribe to our Newsletter.

Since in a number of applications their performance is the same, we just mptherboard to pay more, don’t we? The board looks very attractive: The BIOS is based on the v.

Well, this high-quality board won’t probably show the best speed but the stability will be outstanding. This is the first model in the “Red Lightning” series but whether it works as fast as a real lightning the tests will show.


As a usual, apart from the integrated monitoring, the engineers supplied the board with the ASF chip which is installed in the place of the additional thermistor.

Gigabyte GA-8IRXP i845 Motherboard Review

Of course, the cheap memory and the low-cost chipset is an obvious advantages of all solutions on such a processor. The answer is simple: There you can adjust memory timings, operation of the AGP bus and change a processor multiplier it is interesting that it isn’t locked in this pre-production sample.

Test results Test system: Such a rich set of functions has caused some imperfections in the layout. It is interesting that the new chipset for the new processor works with the old memory type! The switches provided will help you motherbard processor modes, clear the CMOS etc.