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Ace your next test, learn a new language, or prepare for world domination with Cabra. It helps you read and write notes with rich-text editing capabilities and share your flashcards and notes with friends and people all across the world. If you are one of those who want to have a workspace dedicated to specific types of activities, then nSpaces from Bytesignals is definitely the app for you.

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Simulation lovers might enjoy some of this, but there are much better sims out there, and Race On is totally inaccessible for novices. Poor graphics and terrible handling mean Race On needs to improve a lot for the full version to be a contender. XP Quick Fix Plus has been tested by Softonic, but it still doesn’t have a review in English. PDF files are great to share documents on the Web.

The problem comes when you’d like to edit them and all you have around is a text processor with no PDF support.

Here’s when Nemo PDF to Word comes in handy. This simple tool enables you to convert PDF documents to the more easily editable DOC and RTF formats, thus allowing you to edit PDFs in a simple word processor.

Bear in mind though that the program doesn’t convert to Microsoft’s latest Word format, DOCX. Using Nemo PDF to Word couldn’t be easier: simply select the PDF documents you want to convert, pick a target format and select the folder where you want to store the converted files as well.


Click the ‘Convert’ button and Nemo PDF to Word will take care of the rest.

The 17 features a settings menu to tweak conversion, such as 1755 spacing and the option to discard images when converting. Other than that, it’s a simple, straightforward tool. If you ever need to edit a PDF file in your word processor, you can easily convert it to DOC or RTF with Nemo PDF to Word. Easy CurveFit is a small application designed to allow you to easily plot a curve through any graph of results that you enter into the application.

When first opened, Easy CurveFit is a complete mystery.

It’s totally unclear what to do with it, as the interface is very abstract and unresponsive. Hovering doesn’t give you any clues, and right clicking elicits no response. There is a manual included however, but unfortunately it’s very brief and written in bad English that makes little sense.

Basically, to use Easy CurveFit, you have to create a.

txt file with your numerical results entered. Then this can be opened, and 1175 points plotted on a graph.

You can then, by clicking the various algebraic buttons, create a curve that bets fits your results. This curve image can be saved, and you can zoom in and out too. While that curve drawing works fine, it’s difficult to see what’s special about it. While the curve results are good, it’s a very clunky interface to use – it would be much improved if you could manually enter results to be plotted, instead of doing so in a text editor first.


There are 15 a distinct lack of options.

If you want to create best fit curves, and save or print your results, Easy CurveFit does the job, but it’s not easy to use or well explained at all. Cute Knight Kingdom is an anime role playing game (RPG), set in a mystical kingdom. You play a young girl who sets out to find her way in life.

The game starts after you choose a name, on your birthday. You parents reveal to you that they found you as a baby, and that a mysterious fairy told them you were destined to be anything you wanted.

That’s a strange destiny, and as you play the game, you have to wander around the world, gaining skills, and improving your experience so you can find your path.

Visually Cute Knight Kingdom is, well, cute but not graphically stunning.

It’s very much like a 1990s RPG, everything is controlled by the mouse, and your ability to do tasks or fight off enemies you find in the forest depends solely on the experience you’ve gained.

This is the only game where this reviewer was attacked by a starling – and lost. The sound effects are non existent.