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Return to General Old Hardware. This was a few years back though, but still, its one of all time favourite cards. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. I have to admit that both cards are quite good at overclocking. I don’t know if there were any revisions though.

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But when it comes to 3D Which should be capped then?

VOGONS • View topic – S3 Savage

Here things are not so simple. Austin you obviously don’t have the latest savage4. Results 1 to safage2000 of Savage can do twice as much in Innk3d 3. At first we see that Savage 4 is faster at default speeds in comparison to default Savage I capped all of them but it did not help. And finally Quake 3 Arena: Has serious issues with many D3D games of its time too. I played around with UT99 again today because I wanted to check if detail textures were enabled.


Users browsing this forum: I don’t know if there were any revisions though. I enabled AGP 4X in the bios.

I think maybe they should just stick to onboard video if they can’t build a dedicated card that runs faster than IGP. It’s THE most important thing when it comes to gaming! Board index All times are UTC. S3 Savage Discussion about old PC hardware.

It can run Quake based games OK too ino3d. Return to General Old Hardware. The time now is We can see that Savage is faster in 3D Mark 99 and at default speeds.

This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Lets go to Quake 2 now: It’s about 2 years old now I remember Savage 4 having one of the first ring buffer based hardware triangle engines, back when Rage6c and MGA-G were still popular. Thanks to an old post of leileilol’s viewtopic. The test was done in 16 bit mode.


Innovision Inno3d Savage driver Video card software versions

S3 Savage by Pippy P. They do all need to be closed for 4x, I believe. You have to at least acknowledge, however, that the S3 card is at least working for a change. Maybe I need the latest drivers? Inno3d Savage AGP 64meg. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here.

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Not to mention unno3d fluctuating frame rate issues and other hiccups. This time Samvage is the winner in every case One can see that even when Savage 4 is overclocked it is still slower than Savage on default speeds.

Buy with confidence that it’ll be just fine.