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But those who knows obd II standard and experianced with FTr chipset will find the question crystal and are able to post an answer. Do not confuse www. I got one from a lad on bmw5. In the older cables that is all that is done anyway. Double click the instprog. Ther is a lot of INPA compatible cables on the market.

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Here is a chart that will help understand which derial is needed for what car. No need for reboot Next you need the e Click the windows icon start button bottom left on desktop and type in regedit in the small box and press enter to access the registry.

ADS only works properly with a real serial port.

I got one from a lad on bmw5. Do I need to change anything in the Ediabas configuration. Secondly, imagine a inppa where you only have Windows Vista, and have no access to either Windows 7 or XP.

BMW INPA K+DCAN cable fail to install driver (fixed)

So depending on what car you have that will determine the best choice for you. These boxes are essentially a translator that turns for the want of a better word the BMW speak into regular computer speak.

Last Jump to page: My brother-in-law had no idea he had so many inpaa that were not turn on…He also turn off his daytime running lights which he hated! Anyway, the short story is you need one of these adapters: When powered back on, the system should have a functional mouse pointer. Vagcom cables with ftdi ftrl chipset are easily modified for bmw use.


BMW INPA Download & Install on Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10

Send a private message to mcung List of compatible cables INPA Would it of benefit to keep this thread updated with links from ebay and such like? Click next and install if it ask for backup and recovery just click skip to xerial prompts if you wish.

Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Some sellers include them in the sale, some don’t if you cannot find a seller that includes it you can either buy it separately or simply modify the cable you get with a little switch.

I have not yet checked as the label only says Vagom. The time now is How to install inpa on windows xp Inpa installation video made by obdii You must copy and paste all the above including the windows registry bit or it will not execute to the registry later. I will try it later, however do you have a link for the drivers you have quoted above.


List of compatible cables (INPA) – Forums

Then write a few clear questions on about where your having trouble. Click on the white box circled above when it appears to change the driver update settings. Ot Port Cables 1.

Notice that the injector code are stamped onto the injector in white, there will be 2 rows of 3 numbers, for example, here: The interface I want to get but it’s over priced is the www.

Click on the Windows Start button to display the Start menu. I’ll try update over the weekend with instructions, pictures, etc. Click next you will be asked to backup and restore I declined thisunticked the box and skipped it all. How do I get Inpa which I have torrented to install inp Vista? Ive used this install method without fault on umpteen machines now and not had to amend any registry settings or anything, its worked first time everytime this way.

I am stumped as I want to code the car for my brother-in-law. Double click the instprog. Nice write up dd.