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Are you new to LinuxQuestions. Download the most recent version with “full” in the name, from here: It will not configure it for you. Modem Intel ep in Suse 9. Some of these are sold as Cnet modems and have Ambient chips on board. A Linmodem is a Winmodem working under the Linux kernel. However, the boot script provided by Intel does not work on 6.

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Compiling the driver First we need to uncompress the downloaded file.

Minor versions or kernel and drivers!! Here is the NEW documentation: Ubuntu modems, started inappears to finally have reached the end of it’s life. July 6th, 1.

The source code and the binary package for Breezy can be found at http: Thanks again to everyone. So you have to create a rule for udev to recreate the symlink.

Enter the device name for your modem, hit ‘Ok’. Join our community today!

Forum Ubuntu-it • Riconoscere e configurare il modem interno con ScanModem

Make your system aware of this module with depmod: I’ve post my way for installing Intel ep drivers on ubuntuforums. Otherwise, this group will not be continue to host any further updates. Some of these are sold as Cnet modems and have Ambient chips on board. PCI interrupt for device Thanks a lot, ihtel trying for a while to get my connection set up but just couldn’t.


If you are using LILO, google a bit and you’ll find how to configure it. To find out what model you have, see the section in the parent on scanModem.

Some knowledge on using the terminal also called command line. Examples options that you can try to add, if dialling does not work: It will not configure it for you. Following are the instructions: To find out what kind of software modem you are using, go to linmodems.

I do not have intentions of releasing a packaged version of the driver for Ubuntu You will know what these options are if 57ep asked for help from linmodems.

Ubuntu: Installing Intel EP drivers

It may be additionally necessary to make a symbolic link: You can use Synaptic or equivalent to check for installed packages. You will now have to download modem drivers and install them. First make a backup of the file: 537rp that registered members see fewer ads, and ContentLink is completely disabled once you log in.


You will find it in the Applications menu and the configuration is probably straightforward.

Installing the driver for your modem

Then scan through the following sections to find out about the easiest way to install that driver under Ubuntu. If you see a different error message, there may be an error in the module, or your modem, or you 5337ep not have a Intel based modem.

To make the short story long, going online on Ubuntu 5. Actually, if this compiled kernel doesn’t work, you will have to add some changes Instructions for adding the contents of the CD to your respositories list should appear on the screen as soon as ubnutu CD is inserted, if you are using Ubuntu 6.

In that case, prior to compiling, insert your Ubuntu installation CD.