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At step , the network management system can direct one or more waveguide systems to use a new routing configuration that adapts to the new topology. This information includes, but is not limited to, the following:. An extractor or demultiplexer can extract the signal on a subcarrier and direct the signal to an output component for optional amplification, buffering or isolation by power amplifier for coupling to communications interface To begin, the number of potential customers 81b is multiplied by the estimated sales figure 81c to obtain a total sales figure. A Client is preferably not eligible to purchase marketing system products or services at an LBO price, wherein the LBO price is preferably less than the retail price.

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The communications interface can be an integral part of system In programming, message queuing is 224 method by which processes or program instances can exchange or pass data using an interface to a system-managed queue of messages.

In another embodiment, the network management system can receive at step telemetry information from one or more waveguide systems In an example of operation, the communications interface receives dl communication signal or that includes data. The transmission medium can further include a plurality of outer ring conductors As inflation causes prices to increase, a larger bonus is earned from the same units sold.

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For example, a tree limb may cause electromagnetic wave reflections when the tree limb is lying on the power lineor is in close proximity to the power line which may cause a corona discharge. A client machine may also be referred to herein as a “user machine” or “user.

It is noted that the graphical representations of waves and are presented merely to illustrate the principles that wave induces or otherwise launches a guided wave on a wire that operates, for example, as a single wire transmission line. The present invention also provides the ability for those who order online to complete their order and call intsl number to provide their credit card information in a well-known manner.


In addition, the LBO may earn special bonuses or qualify for special status depending upon the size of his or her personal group and the total sales generated by that group, for example, when the LBO qualifies as a Platinum LBO. In a repeater configuration, receiver waveguide can receive the wave from the coupler and transmitter waveguide can launch guided wave onto coupler as guided wave Moreover, Site Server membership services preferably are used to track all persons who log onto the site.

In one embodiment, the system initially checks to determine if the shopper has ever been to the site before. If the user has a cookie but is not a surfer or anonymous user, e.

The present invention further includes maintaining a catalog comprising marketing system products and services on the server computer. Returning back to step anyopint upon its completion, the process can continue with step Likewise regions inside the insulating jacket have low field strength.

In a preferred embodiment, the Sales and Marketing Plan of the present invention combines a marketing business with a membership buying opportunity.

The following exemplary client hardware and mkdem systems represent the minimum browser system requirements for accessing the E-Commerce Web site according to the present invention: A detailed description of cookies, and the storage of state information, is contained in U.

The present invention advantageously allows shoppers to shop for and buy products from different sources in a single transaction.

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Point Value PVwhich is used to determine the Performance Bonus bracket; and Business Volume BVwhich is a dollar figure established for each product which is totaled monthly to represent monthly sales. The actual electric and magnetic modeem generated as a result of such wave propagation may vary depending on the frequencies employed, the design of the couplerthe dimensions and composition of the wireas well as its surface characteristics, its insulation if any, the electromagnetic properties of the surrounding environment, etc.

The power line can be a wire e. Personalized benefits, such as news, weather, sports, e-mail, as well as the E-Commerce Rewards Program, which is preferably designed exclusively for Members, are available. The process can be repeated by transmission deviceantenna and mobile deviceas necessary or desirable.


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To qualify to earn bonus income, each LBO 10 must preferably generate at least 50 PV of sales in a month to end-user consumers.

The repeater device can help the guided e. The link to this function is preferably not shown to users who are not LBOs.

The primary member has the option of setting up and administering additional profiles i. It should be appreciated that the transceiver can modulate the data received via the communication signal or to preserve one or more data communication protocols of the communication signal or either by encapsulation in the payload of a different protocol or by simple frequency shifting.

An “Income Options” site, or income options page web file, provides an area where a web shopper can find out more information about the E-Commerce business opportunity and can quickly and easily execute membership registration. In some embodiments, as the wave couples to the wirethe modes can change form, or new modes can be created or generated, due to the coupling between the anypoitn coupler and the wire Because the frequency of the guided wave is above the limited range of the cut-off frequency of this particular asymmetric mode, much of the field strength has shifted inward of the insulating jacket The environmental sensor f can collect raw information and process this information by aynpoint it to environmental profiles that can be obtained from a memory of the waveguide system or a remote database to predict weather conditions before they arise via pattern recognition, an expert system, knowledge-based system or other artificial intelligence, classification or other weather modeling and prediction technique.