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News Location Social Media. The programs in KP2 always seemed a little ungenerous so we’re delighted to report that KP3 swells this number to The KP3 is great fun, delivers great results and is really easy to use. Newly-designed Looper lets you freely manipulate loops For greater usability, the Looper effect has been modified to let you loop the sound starting from the instant you touch the touchpad. It’s easy to obtain the scratch sound that’s heard when you scratch a turntable, or use a record-stop effect. Ducking Compressor emphasizes the backbeats You can use a side-chain effect to emphasize the backbeats of the kick.

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Introduced on KP2, this function enabled you to flick a switch and draw some motion data on the screen. These are ideal ways to create breaks in your DJ play. It’s also possible to chop your brand-new audio file into slices and map these to the eight program buttons at laoss top of the unit, so that new loops can be created from triggering the slices in an unusual order.

Samples can be triggered in four different ways as appropriate for your situation. EQ kqoss are also brought more to the fore in KP3, with EQ parameters sprinkled liberally kaosz the control pad. Cons We’d like more sample time. We completely rethought the X-axis and Y-axis parameter assignments and their polarity, and included flashy and glittering synth sounds as well as many more effects that will enhance the latest sounds of today’s scene.


A new onboard SD card slot mounted at the front of the unit means that samples and data can now be easily stored or backed up. No other interface is as intuitive, immediate or just plain fun to use. With the release kxoss KP2, Korg listened carefully to the wishes and needs of its user base, and we can only praise maoss for the continuation of this process.


A total of effects ideal for remixing, DJ and live music applications, and in-studio use.

Kaoss Pad – Wikipedia

In addition to the basic Mod. Pros Excellent screen and control surface. Indeed, so proud is Korg of the KP3’s screen that each time you load a new effects program its name scrolls across the screen in giant letters. In addition to the effects carried over from the KP3, which include filters, spatial-type effects such as delay and reverb, a kaods shifter that freezes tiny pieces of sound and repeats them, and kaods vocoder, there are 42 new or improved effects that represent today’s dance music scene, including effects that were newly developed for the Kaoss Pad Quad, such as the Looper, Vinyl Break, and Ducking Compressor.

There are eight program memories that let you instantly select your favorite effect programs, and a Hold effect that sustains the effect even after you release your finger from the touchpad. This means that parameters koss a particular effects program can be mapped onto a large X-Y control surface and an incoming signal can then be manipulated by changes you draw on the screen itself. Pad Motion data can also be reversed, so you can build-up some quite complex motion loops with the minimum of fuss.

Resampling is possible too – your loops can be re-recorded directly by the unit through its own FX. In addition to Mod. The existing programs have been significantly updated; for example, if you move your finger to change the number of beats in the loop, the pa of that change will automatically be quantized. We’ve modified the kaos that the four sampling bank LEDs illuminate to make them more intuitively understandable than kaods the KP3; they now light up red during recording and green during playback.


It’s all much clearer and even more intuitive than before, which for a product famed for its immediacy is quite a coup.

New effects include dLY. Direct record mode can be selected for each pad, so it’s easy to keep track of where your recordings are held.

Gone is KP2’s grey and blue approach, which subtly shifted hue as you applied finger pressure. Other added effects include FL. Firstly, the screen has, once again, been modified. For greater usability, the Looper effect has been modified to let you loop the sound starting from the instant you touch the touchpad. The result is a tool that within a minute of startup provides intuitive control over a great range of effects programs.

Use the touchpad to control effects in real time.

The next key update is in the number of effects programs offered by KP3. These features were duly implemented, along with DJ tools like BPM detection and a dedicated mic input. Again, this is great for DJs and performers alike. The oad surface really comes into its own here, as the Pad Motion is actually displayed by the running lights on the screen.