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While most of today systems are using little endian for storing data, old Motorola CPU used in lot of Keithley instruments using big endian, so before you flash your ROM s, make sure endian is correct. I keep the count value below the readings, the DMM can keep in its buffer. The Data VIs- transfer data to or from the instrument. Here are the errors I came across. Message 6 of Then the Configure Measurement VI is called to set the instrument up for the desired measurement. Does the instrument react to very simple commands?

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Ticket and calibration data Calibration data for as found Calibration data for as return. Raj National Instruments Applications Engineer. Even though I get an error and then usually only an array of zeros as result fo the readingI can manually find the correct readings in the buffer on the DMM.

In the following figure keifhley have opened the Agilent Read Multiple Measurements. Then the Configure Measurement VI is called to set the instrument up for the desired measurement.


Message 3 of Message 4 of I wish I could help more, sorry Message 2 of Message 8 of A Model specification LabView kiethley example for K Keithley Photos Keithley The included files labvirw annotated versions of the main non-power supply section of the Keithley Current Source.

You should look into the manual of K; Chapter “Buffer Operations” The Model has an internal buffer to store from 2 to readings – this might speed up The Model must be in the calibration storage enable mode labviw order to realize storage of calibrations constants into the NVRAM. Ticket page with photos Photos. This instrument will return to normal display mode, and the storing of calibration constants is now enabled. Repair measurements Photo internal Photo internal Photo internal.

Keithley Digital Multimeter – Instrument Driver – National Instruments

Low current, high resistance Tech: D Model quick reference guide, Rev. Most Active Software Boards: It then send the reading back to the VI and displays it on a graph.

Message 3 of Perform the following steps to place the unit in storage enable mode: Both files include layers which will allow you, in a suitable program, to hide or show the annotations as appropriate. The last couple of days, I have tried to solve these two problems, but labvisw no succes: Message 6 of This tool searches IDNet to find the specified instrument driver.


Can you please post the VI even a simplified version where you use the driver? Chosing Manual Range makes sense though.

The following figure shows this palette and some of the VIs and subpalettes that are shipped with it. Message 5 of From the block diagram you can see that the instrument is first initialized with the Serial Configuration and VISA resource name specified on the front panel.

Keithley 2000

Learn more about our privacy policy. You might want to try the Getting Started with Instrument control and the Troubleshooting guide. Use this mode in case my example isn’t fast enough. Could the problem be due to Labview ?